Going Your Own Way: How to Increase Your Fitness Levels with a Home Gym

Home Gym

Most of us are aware of the positive benefits brought by following a simple exercise regime. According to experts, it takes just 20 minutes of walking per day to combat strokes, heart disease, and cancer. Of course, regular exercise not only helps to keep illness at bay, but it also increases stamina levels and can … Read more

5 Ways to Stay Fit Outdoors


To stay healthy, you do not need to spend hours in the neighborhood gym to burn your calories. A hectic workout schedule may not appeal to someone who finds gym exercise sessions boring. For people who cannot take time out for working out at the local gym or who prefer outdoor activities rather than remaining … Read more

Get Fit and Expand Your Social Network

Get Fit

Building a social connection is not easy, and sometimes it is tricky. Interaction, sharing and communication between you and the other people or a group must be established. Depending on your interests, having a social affair could take a lot of time. You need to know others well and get affirmation before you can broadcast … Read more

How to Prepare Healthy Food Portions?

Taco Salad Appetizer

When we prepare a lot of healthy food, we think that we can eat as much as we want just because it is healthy. In reality, many people do exactly that. A recent research shows that when people see on the label ‘’low fat’’ they eat more and consume 50 percent more calories on average. … Read more