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Atul Kumar Pandey

(Founder and Managing Editor of GetHow)

Atul Kumar Pandey

Photographer – Ravindra Choughule

Myself Mr. Atul Kumar Pandey, I am a Microsoft Certified Windows Server 2008 Administrator and Cisco Certified Network Associate. Currently I am a BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) student and also working for Rotaract Club in College as Editor. I also have given my some time to Kshitij also, which is a college festival where we conduct management games and quizzes. Beside my studies, I like to do blogging. Thats why I created my own website GetHow. Here me and my contributors are posting various featured posts. I am utilizing my interests in learning new things about business strategies, fitness guides, money making ideas and upcoming technologies. Follow Me on Social Networks Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | LinkedIn