Frugal Foodie: Voucher-ing 101

Envy of all the #FoodPorn posts you see on your Facebook News Feed and Instagram? Tired of the usual fast food chains that offer the same old blah food choices? Bookmarked recipes that you don’t have time whipping up? Yes, yes we know, for the busy bee, I’m-saving-for-something you, having that hashtag-worthy meal may seem … Read more

The Only Men’s Guide You’ll Need to Real Hair Growth! Real Facts!

Hair Growth

With all the clutter on the internet about men’s hair regrowth, how can someone be sure which source to trust and what works best? We looked at the primary causes of hair loss in men, the best types of hair treatments, treatment guides and available products and the product reviews available, all to create this … Read more

Business Viewpoint: Identifying Bilingualism Advantage

Bilingual / Multilingual

People learn a second language or a foreign language for different purposes. It not only gives them a competitive edge but also gives them new opportunities such as making new acquaintances or building new business prospect. Learning a foreign language also provides new employment opportunities. There are more opportunities for people who are bilingual. For … Read more

Credit Card 101: Know Which Mistakes to Avoid

Credit Card 101

Whether paying for a transaction in a physical store or purchasing an item online, that credit card in your hand does offer a lot of convenience. On the other hand, misuse and abuse can only lead to financial troubles, especially if you commit the following mistakes: Buying Things You Can’t Afford On Credit Don’t let … Read more

Safer Internet Day: Let’s Make the Web Safe to Kids


At this day and age, children have become so knowledgeable about computers and the Internet, sometimes much more than their parents. This is an era of “digital natives,” members of which include those who were born into technologies that previous generations took some time to adapt.  The Huffington Post reports about a study that says … Read more

5 Simple Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Safe Online Shopping

Unlimited Internet means you’ve got unlimited time on your hands—online. When you’ve got access to the best shops in the world 24/7, you’re bound to do some shopping. Let’s face it—how can you resist? Everything just looks so good and cheap! However, there are downsides to online purchases. For instance, you’re going to pay for … Read more

Understanding the Strengths of Online Marketing

Online Marketing

If for some reason, your small business isn’t doing any e-marketing yet, you’re definitely missing out. Businesses are jumping in on online marketing opportunities these days for a reason. There are countless advantages to doing online marketing, regardless of whatever kind of business you are running. Here are ten reasons why you should definitely be … Read more