How to Get Fit in Easy and Fun Ways?

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Now February is upon us already chances are our enthusiasm for our new year’s resolutions is fading somewhat and we need an injection of fun into our routine to ensure we stay on track.

The more fun we have, the easier it is to keep coming back for more and turning those resolutions into a lifelong habit and as a result, improving your health and well being.

We have looked at some of the fun ways to get fit, you will be on your way to triathlon training in no time!

Body Pump

Body Pump

Body Pump is one of the world’s most popular fitness classes, originating in New Zealand before making its way across fitness centers in over 80 different countries and then onto a Beach body program so you don’t even need to head to the gym to take part. This is a 60 minute class which uses fun popular music to get you moving a barbell through compound and isolation exercises whilst combining this with cardio. The ‘Rep Effect’ with low weights at high reps gives the results you are looking for in only three fun workouts each week!

Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Combine getting fit with learning self-defence, a great skill to have and they are always fun to learn! There are lots of martial arts to choose from such as judo, karate, kick boxing and Muay Thai so you can easily find the best one that suits your particular strengths and weaknesses that you need to work on. Martial arts provide more benefits than just getting fit and weight loss, flexibility as well as mental benefits such as improved self-confidence and emotional and spiritual well-being.

Spinning Classes

Spinning Classes

Spinning classes are a classic, all you need to do is jump on an exercise bike and follow the beat of the music and the lead of the instructor, changing the speed of your cycling and resistance on the flywheel as you go. Classes are intense giving you the opportunity to burn up to 300 calories per 30 minute workout and of course, working some of the biggest muscles in your body means you will be burning calories for hours after the actual workout.

The indoor spin bikes session last around 30-60 minutes, with lots of classes available in the morning they are a great way to get your day started!

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