Unheard Home Remedies for Minor Ailments

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Apparently, there have been a lot of minor ailments that have been attacking man from times immemorial. However, many people are reluctant whenever it comes to treating these minor ailments. Whereas these minor treatments demands less attention as compared to other major ailments, the need for home remedies for treating these minor ailments comes in handy. This is due to the fact that, if left neglected these ailments can become complicated more than one would have thought.

However much need there is to treat these minor ailments, many people are not yet conversant with the ideal home remedies for these ailments. Little do many people know that they are a number of uncommon home remedies that they can use, to treat these minor ailments; and among these uncommon home remedies to minor ailments, that many people are yet to learn about includes.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is among the uncommon home remedy for many minor ailments. Among these minor ailments that are treatable using apple cider vinegar includes joints pain, flea bites and many more. When mixed with gin and mixed in the ration of 2:1.
  • Olive Oil: The organic oils including olive oil and mustard oil are used for oil pulling purpose. It is basically a technique to strengthen teeth and gums, and reduce ache in the surrounding areas. It effectively cures breath issues and also helps stop bleeding. We take 2-3 tablespoons of Luke warm oil & pull it around our teeth & gums until the oil becomes milky in around 20 minutes. Then we spit it out and thoroughly clean our mouth.

Home remedies

  • Cup of Vinegar and Gin respectively, vinegar is known to ease joint pains. The mixture should be left to ferment for 10 days and then applied on the paining joints using soft clothing. In addition to treating joints pain, apple cider vinegar also have the ability to cure excessive sweating. In order to be used as an ideal home remedy for excessive sweating, one is supposed to apply it on the clean armpits and other areas that experience a lot of sweating. Having done that, the acid elements that are contained in the apple cider vinegar, will cause the sweating glands to secrete less sweat.
  • Duct tape: However much weird it might sound, duct tape is the other uncommon home remedy for warts. Apparently, warts are among the many minor ailments that are common in adolescents. With the use of duct tape, one can easily remove the warts. The process of removing warts using duct tape have is commonly been referred to as duct- taping warts. One is able to remove over 85% of the warts. Although warts can also be removed using different freezing methods, these methods are not as effective as duct tape in removing warts, for they remove only 60% of warts.
  • Frozen water: Frozen water is also included among the uncommon home remedies. When water is put in a soda bottle and then frozen, frozen water can provide an ideal remedy for aching feet. Having frozen the water in the soda bottle, one should place it on their aching feet and roll the bottle on the aching feet, back and froth. This will help in reducing the inflammation of the feet, which is apparently the major cause of aching foot.
  • Vodka or Gin: Even though vodka and gin are synonymous with bars, joints and parties, they are also among the uncommon home remedies to some minor ailments. Among these minor home remedies that can be countered using vodka and gin, is foot odor. Whereas many people might attribute foot odor with lack of hygiene, foot odor is an ailment which is caused by bacteria. When used to clean the feet, both vodka and gin helps in killing bacteria that causes that feet to smell. In addition to fighting foot odor, vodka and gin helps in dehydrating the feet thus preventing the growth of fungus that lead to feet infections.
  • Listerine Mouthwash: Apart from being used as a mouth freshener, Listerine mouthwash is also among the uncommon home remedies for minor ailments. One can use Listerine mouth wash for curing blisters. Listerine is used for drying blisters and countering the pain that comes along with them. One should apply Listerine to the areas affected by blisters thrice a day.
  • Coconut Oil: Flea Bites on humans is a common problem. They can become itchy and even results into red rashes, if not treated on time. Applying a small quantity of coconut oil on the flea affected area is an effective measure to cure it at the very first stage.

With above home remedies covering many major ailments, you can effectively use these to uncover the secrets of nature. If you are looking for something specific, just drop a comment below with your problem and we will revert back to you asap.

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    Joint pain is a very seriousl problem for body. It effects our body in many ways, there are many remedies who solve this pain. And without any medicine. I really like this information. Please update more information on this topic.


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      Thanks for your feedback. Soon I will update more information in this section.

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