How to Get to Sleep in the Summer Heat?

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The summer is one of the best times of the year, in fact, we anticipate its arrival and are very excited when June finally hits. The ice creams, floral dresses, and tanned skin, what’s not to love? Although we absolutely adore summer during the day, it can often become a nuisance at night.

Simple Ways to Stay Cool in Hot Summer
Simple Ways to Stay Cool in Hot Summer

The heat can make it very difficult to sleep.

In fact, what we think will be a night of serenity and warmth turns into a frustrating period of sweating out your insides. Some people are afraid to leave fans on at night because of the risk factor, so are left to boil in their own body heat. However, there are other things that you can do to help you sleep during the summer months:

Use Light Bed Sheets

You need to ensure that you opt for some sort of breathable bedding which can help in lowering your body temperature. Lightweight cotton is the best type of bedsheets to go for, and they can really help with the airflow and ventilation of the room. Also, switch up your duvet for a thin blanket. For some reason, even in the heat, we need some sort of blanket, almost like it is a form of protection as we sleep. Going for a thinner blanket will make the heat more bearable.

Keep Curtains Closed in the Day

This can help to keep the sun out during the day which can help the room remain slightly cooler. This also applies to any blinds that you may have in the room.

Take a Cold Shower Before You Sleep

This will help to cool down your body temperature and keep you cool throughout the rest of the night. People always recommend placing a wet flannel on your head before you sleep but the benefits of doing this are short lived. Also try drinking a cold glass of water to cool you down. You can place this on your nightstand and take a few sips whenever you wake up throughout the night.

Swap Your Mattress

Ditch things like memory foam mattresses as they will retain your body heat and just make you feel even hotter. Go for a queen air foam mattress that uses a high content of cotton as this can help the air to circulate. One made from temperature neutral high-resilience AirFoam can help one sleep cooler and offers better comfort. Again, also ensure that you have thin sheets and avoid any unnecessary fabrics being on the bed. You may also want to remove any extra cushions and pillows from the bed.

Spray Your Pillow with Cold Water

You can pour water into a little spray bottle and spritz your pillow before you sleep. Some people suggest leaving your pillow in the freezer (yes, I also thought it was odd) and then taking it out before you sleep. However this could be quite uncomfortable, so spritzing your pillow can help to do the same thing. Alternatively, you can keep the spray bottle on your nightstand and just spritz your face whenever you feel that you need it. This can help to cool your body temperature down slightly.

Keep the Room as Dark as Possible

Ensure that all the lights are switched off because they can also be responsible for creating and regulating heat. Keep your windows and doors open to allow the breeze to come through and this can help to ensure that the entire room doesn’t become a kitchen oven.

Sleep in the Coolest Room of the House

Some rooms are often hotter than others, so it is worth identifying the coolest room and sleeping there. It may not be your bedroom, but it can guarantee you a good night’s sleep which is what matters. The rooms downstairs are often a bit more spacious so appear to be cooler. You could even just try sleeping on the floor of your room.

Wear Minimum or Nothing

This can often be a bit controversial but it will ensure that you are as cool as you can possibly be. Alternatively you can try wearing very little and opt for the thinnest form of nightwear that you can find. Expose as much skin as possible as this can help to cool your body down.

Now you can also do generic things that are recommended to insomniacs for example exercising in the evening to help you sleep. This can be a good idea because when you sleep, you will be so exhausted that you won’t even notice the heat. This will ensure that you have the best sleep possible so it is worth trying out if you do have sleeping problems. Sometimes it isn’t even heat that is the problem; you may just be doing something that is keeping you up at night for example drinking an excessive amount of caffeine.

Follow these tips to deal with the summer heat, and good luck!

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