Myths of Men and Women Weight Loss Differences

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All flabby-chubby men and women want to have a nice shape and it’s a desire. They used to do different kinds of exercises, maintain a tight diet and often overdo it. The result, the end of the day, doesn’t go the right way. Fatty men think, only hard-core exercise can give them the ultimate result when overweight women like to maintain a thin diet.

The thing is- both men and women have weight loss myths and they don’t even know the facts.

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Myths of Men and Women Weight Loss Differences

Here are the issues on what both men and women trust, though these are just myths!

Myths About Weight Loss in Men

Myth #1: Jump, it is the Single Most Effective Way to Lose Some Weight

Fact: Well, jumping is an exercise yes, but excessive jumping can be horrible for bone joints. It can cause intense pain in the bone joint which may further keep them away from anymore workout. Jumping can be a great warm up exercise but it should not be done in a large scale.

Myth #2: Burning Fats Require Extensive or Excessive Amount of Exercise

Fact: It is said that, weight loss doesn’t require heavy or extreme workouts. Weight loss specialists recommend simple and light exercise. They suggest, you have to make sure that you sweat.

Myth #3: The Faster You Move, the More Fats You Lose

Fact: It really doesn’t matter how fast a man performs his moves during exercise.All it takes to burn the fats and lose weight is moving his muscles enough and boosting the metabolism. Fast moves; no extra benefits here. In addition, it can stiff the muscles and cause severe pain.

Myth #4: Eating and Exercising Consistently doesn’t Lead You to Gain Weight

Fact: The process through which we gain or lose weight is the metabolic process and it changes with the age. The eating habit and exercise level should also be adjusted with this change. Otherwise, regular eating and doing the same level of exercise every day will do nothing. On the other hand, excessive eating and less exercise will leave the flabby body unchanged.

Myths About Weight Loss in Women

Myth #1: Women Shouldn’t do Exercises Like the Way Men do

Fact: I don’t find any point of constructing physical exercises from a gendered point! Really, can you tell whether the deadlift move is masculine or feminine? Or can the exercise moves indicate your gender as they are gendered in nature? Yes, there is no distinction out there that can tell you- ‘Oh no, don’t do that! That move is not for you’.

Myth #2: The Treadmill is the Most Effective Tool for a Woman to Lose Weight

Fact: Running is a good exercise for both men and women. But the myth that women only needs to run on a treadmill to lose their weight- is a very annoying and disgusting concept. Obviously, running is one of the most effective fat burning exercise, but only running is not everything about women’s weight loosing process.

Myth #3: Women Who Perform Lifting Exercise, Get a Masculine Body

Fact: It is completely a wrong perception about women’s weight loss. Weight lifting is a great way to work out and lose some extra pounds. It has nothing to do with making womens’ shape look like mens’ body. It is a great way to get strong muscles and burn fat.

Myth#4: Fasting May Fast Weight Loss Process!

Fact: Most of the women, who are in a weight loss program, think a thin diet or starving is a great idea for weight loss. They hardly take daily meals and they even starve! But they don’t know consuming tiny amounts of foods does not help them in weight loss rather promotes weight gain.

So, which of myth you believe in? Do you still think taking a little or no food helps you shed extra pounds? Did you find extreme workout helps? If you think you are on a myth mentioned above, share with us.

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  1. Bettina Avatar

    Nice article Atul. I always wondered if there’s any difference for men and women. Keep writing.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Thanks Bettina for leaving your comment here. And Yes there are so many difference for men and women for weigh loss experiments. I hope you enjoyed our suggestions. Keep visiting for more new stuff.