Privacy Policy

GetHow values the privacy of our visitors and our members and takes many steps to protect their privacy. This privacy applies on the primary website of GetHow as well as on the related products of GetHow sites.

What the GetHow’s Privacy Statement Covers

The privacy of GetHow is only made for itself GetHow and its related products. We only gather the personal information which you access through GetHow sites. This privacy statement does not apply to the use of your personal information by third parties that GetHow does not own or control, or to individual that GetHow does not control or manage.

Privacy for Links to Other Sites

Our GetHow sites contain links to other web pages that are not owned or controlled by GetHow. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of such other sites.

Information Collection & Use

GetHow is the sole owner of information collected on GetHow sites. We do not share or sell your information with anyone without your authorization or access.

Email Newsletters and Subscriptions

For quick information and news updates we allow people to subscribe us through email. If you choose to subscribe us for newsletter(s) we will use your email address to send the newsletter to you. Here we have positive policy that we are not going to use any private details anyway until and unless you contact us to do so for any acceptable reason. However you have complete right and access to subscribe us or unsubscribe us any time.

Registration [Limited to Authorized Users Only]

GetHow provides some features exclusively to its limited authorized users who are connected with GetHow sites for whole operations. If you are not the one who is connected with such a way then this information is not for you.

Log Files : Temporary Collection of History Files

As all other websites, we also use log files which contained within your browser. Such as your Internet Service Provider of your local service from where you get the access internet access or your browser’s information to which you uses mostly. We and all other websites also use the log files to show you relevant things or content to you.

Cookies and Web Beacons : Site preferences

We uses cookies to store some information, may be some time personal information such as web history and website preferences. We use such things only when you visit our website in your browser. Such information drive through the Internet Service Provider and helps to show relatively ads contents what you actually needs in real time. We do not do any kind of spamming or implementing any addition with your privacy. You are safe from every kind of problems here.

For disallowing the cookies you can turn it off from your browsers setting. You can turn it off, but it will create some trouble for you when you will surfing internet and accessing various websites. All the browser have to be activate there cookie function to access trouble free surfing at internet on public network.

Double DART Cookies : Our Ad Network’s Files

We also some time use DART Cookies for serving ads to you where it is saves in your browsers cookie. Such cookie helps us to choose better ads for you, with our Advertiser’s platforms. You can also disable cookies but this would affect to your log in preferences or you have to keep it on for such features to be serve with others websites also without any problems.

Contact Us

If you have any question or suggestion regarding to our privacy policy, please contact us here.