15 Awesome Health Benefits of Indian Gooseberry You didn’t Know About!

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Indian gooseberry which is better known as Amla is a food that is packed up with amazing health benefits. It is mentioned as a miraculous food in the ancient Ayurvedic scriptures. It is a very rich source of vitamin C and other vitamins and nutritional properties. Indian gooseberries are too much sour and you might not like it after the first time you consume it. But I bet you will love it after knowing its health benefits.

Indian Gooseberry
Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

However, here goes the list of awesome health benefits of Indian gooseberries that you didn’t even know before!

1. Rich in Vitamin C

Indian gooseberries are a very potent source of vitamin C. Consuming a very few amount of Indian gooseberry daily provides you loads of vitamin C that your body needs. Besides, regular intake of Indian gooseberry acquits the need of vitamin C supplements for your body.

2. Prevents Cold

Indian gooseberry can effectively protect you from cold and it can cure sore throat. In case you are suffering from cold related problems or a sore throat, simply mix the extracts of Indian gooseberry with honey and then consume it. You will get relief of these problems. Besides, Vitamin C makes your immune system stronger that in turn helps to prevent these problems.

3. Protects from Arthritis

The anti inflammatory properties of Indian gooseberry enable it to relieve joint pain that comes from arthritis. It has a high amount of calcium and potassium that can prevent arthritis and improve bone structure. The vitamin C in Indian gooseberry helps your bones to absorb calcium properly.

4. Improves Visionary Health

As a good source of vitamin A and C, Indian gooseberry is a proven food that improves our eye sight. It can cure itchy and red eyes. It can also prevent macular degeneration and improve our night vision.

5. Digestion Booster

Indian gooseberry is used as a natural remedy to cure indigestion and constipation. The laxative nature and high fiber properties of Indian gooseberry allow it to promote healthy digestion process. It also improves our bowel movement.

6. Fat Burner

If you are willing to lose some of your weight by burning some fat, Indian gooseberry can be your ultimate choice. It is very much effective to reduce obesity. It increases the protein level in your body and prevents the carbohydrates from turning into fats. This, in turn, helps to reduce our weight and have a healthy body.

7. Reduces Cholesterol

The presence of high amount of cholesterol in the body is very harmful for cardiac health. Indian gooseberry is a verified food that can reduce the level of cholesterol in the body. Cholesterols like LDL can block the arteries of the heart which prevents the blood to circulate properly. This may lead to serious cardiovascular disease like heart failure. Indian gooseberry can knock down LDL cholesterols and promote good cholesterols like HDL.

8. Helps to Control Diabetes

You can consume Indian gooseberry to maintain the insulin level in your blood. It is also very much beneficial for diabetic patients. All you need to do is to take a spoon of Indian gooseberry extracts mixed with turmeric powder and honey and then consume it regularly.

9. Prevents Acidity

Eating Indian gooseberry regularly can improve the health of your stomach. It has natural healing capabilities that can reduce the burning sensation in your stomach you get from indigestion. Besides, Indian gooseberry is also used as an effective remedy for peptic ulcer and piles.

10. Blood Purifier

Indian gooseberry is rich in antioxidant and antioxidants are very effective as a blood purifier. The antioxidants that Indian gooseberry provides us, can remove the toxic properties that lie in our blood. It also promotes the production of red blood cells and increases the count of hemoglobin.

11. Improves the Immune System

The abundant source of vitamin C makes Indian gooseberry a very good agent that can boost the immune system of our body. By providing rich amount of vitamin C, it helps our body to fight any bacterial or fungal infection and protects us from many diseases.

12. Metabolism Booster

Regular consumption of Indian gooseberry makes the metabolism system better. It prevents your body from storing fat and helps you to lose your extra weight.

13. Fights Insomnia

Indian gooseberry can aid your sleeplessness or insomnia. To get rid of insomnia you can consume Indian gooseberry mixing it with nutmeg powder. It helps to cure insomnia.

14. Improves the Bone Structure

Osteoclasts are the cells that lie in our bones and makes them weak. It also causes breaks in the bones. Regular consumption of Indian gooseberry can remove osteoclasts. It also provides enough calcium, which helps our bone to grow stronger.

15. Anti Cancer

The rich amount of antioxidants specially superoxide dismutase in Indian gooseberry makes it a strong protector against cancer. Antioxidants can effectively fight off free radicals. Free radicals are mostly responsible for the creation of cancer cells in our body. They prevent our cells from getting proper nutrition and also causes rapid death of cells. Free radicals also help the cancer cells to multiply and spread all over our body. By preventing them, Indian gooseberry helps us to keep ourselves safe from cancer.

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