What is HDR (High Dynamic Range) Setting in Camera

HDR Image

While shooting videos and capturing photographs sometime might be you stuck with the HDR setting in your camera or smartphone which has camera inbuilt. In simple term HDR is an acronym of High Dynamic Range, which allows camera to capture every detail. Images and videos captured with the help of HDR on result in awesome … Read more

How to Write a Nice Bibliography


Writing bibliography sounds like to have some fun stuff but really it is not an easy task, writing a nice bibliography is not that much easy as we think. Your every single word is important and notice here. First of all understand what bibliography is actually and then understand how to write them. According to us, bibliography … Read more

How to Write Summary on Specific Topic

Summary Writing

A summary is method to which you can gives your readers to become a fan with your topic. In school, college and even in office days you will face the time where you are being either ordered or instructed to write a summary on the specific topic. It can be anything either specific topic or situation … Read more

How to Get Maximum Download Speed on Internet

Downloading files over internet is so much time consuming process if you have a slower internet connection. No one like to use slower internet connection at their home and workplace. Generally people opt for 2 Mbps plans from their local internet service provider. But really user gets 100% satisfaction out of 2 Mbps plan. Most … Read more

How Tools and Techniques of Public Relation Works

Global Public Relations

Business and its image is famous because of a better public relation works behind their success. The different tools and techniques of public relation are useful for every new as well as old and existing company. Doing public relation is a continuous task, it is not like one time action. In simple public relation is nothing more … Read more

How to Insert Videos in Your Presentation

Presentation is must for every new college student and business industry, where every student and employee tells their ideas with help of their own presentation. Best application for this is Microsoft Office under which you have PowerPoint Presentation app. Videos are fun loving way to explain each and every topic, by using it you can … Read more

How to Gain Maximum Body Weight Quickly

Gaining a lot of body weight is a step by step process of getting body fat as well as muscles mass. Either it is general need or any professional need, getting some extra weight is not an easy task for everybody. To get some extra packs of weight in your body you need to change your … Read more

How to Water Your Home Plants in Absence

We all like to plant various variety of plants in our home and love planting, watering them and seeing them growing regular. But if you need to go outside to your city or town for some days for any urgent reason then who will water your precious plants. Do you really depend upon your neighbors, sure not in any … Read more

How to Use Color Conditional Formatting in Excel

Microsoft excel is the branch of Microsoft Office, excel has the feature to calculate any longest account in there sheets in seconds of time. Here we have color conditional formatting rule in Microsoft excel application. First know that what color conditional format is actually, so it is a rule for the numeral values to show … Read more