How Do You Remove Your Browser’s Cookie

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We people like to surf internet like hell, we generate a lot of cookie in our browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera. After ending of some days your browser starts getting slow because of caching a huge amount of cookie in your browser. Removing them becomes necessary to speed up your browser again and again. People always in search that how can I remove and clean up my browser’s history and cookie files which are stored in my browser. You need to follow some steps to remove browsers cookie which can be differ from each browser.


Removing Browser’s Cookie from Mozilla Firefox

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user then removing your cookie becomes manual. Just press ALT Button from your keyboard and select Tools in menu bar under which you have to click on Options. After appearing of Option tool box select Privacy Tab there. Click on Clear Your Recent History and select Everything is time and select every check box below available then click on Clear Now. Do same with Individual cookie. You are done with removing history and cookie. Restart your browser.

Removing Browser’s cookie from Google Chrome

If you are a Google Chrome browser lover then removing your cookie becomes easy. Just click on Wrench button at right side and click on Setting under wrench menu. Click on History there from left panel. Click on Clear All Browsing Data button, clear browsing data option will appear in a box. Just select From  Beginning under drop down option and check every box available there. After all just hit Clear Browsing Data. You are done here just restart your browse.

Removing Browser’s Cookie from Internet Explorer

If you are still stuck with old and lovely browser Internet Explorer then removing your cookie is manual. Just select Tools under Internet Explorer at right side, it looks like gear box. Under that select Internet Options. A new box will appear of internet option. Under General Tab click on Delete Button in Browsing History. Select every check box there in new box appear and hit Delete. You are done with removing cookie and history. Restart your browser.

If you are using any other browser then some options to remove history an cookie is similar to above one and if you are facing any difficulty here to get the option then press Alt button from your keyboard and go under option there you will see option of removing history and cookie from your browser. Just be hunger of searching menus.

After removing browser’s history or cookie, your browser gets energized because the load on browser becomes lower and less loaded browsers are speedy in use.

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