What is HDR (High Dynamic Range) Setting in Camera

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While shooting videos and capturing photographs sometime might be you stuck with the HDR setting in your camera or smartphone which has camera inbuilt. In simple term HDR is an acronym of High Dynamic Range, which allows camera to capture every detail. Images and videos captured with the help of HDR on result in awesome and unimaginable output quality. If you have this setting in your camera then we suggest you to activate it while doing a professional job with your camera.

HDR Image

Why you ever need HDR setting in camera

You may faced the problem while photography that your photos are either too much exposed or too much less exposed, then you feel that something goes wrong. So to get maximum aesthetic color looks you need to on the HDR setting in your camera. Here we have two sample images where first one is taken by HDR OFF mode and second one taken by HDR ON mode.

Image Taken When HDR OFF Mode Selected

You can see here that this image drops some natural colors and aesthetic look out of the setting HDR OFF mode, whereas below one image has gain all the colors and aesthetic look out of the setting of HDR ON mode.

Image Taken When HDR ON Mode Selected

What is secret behind this awesome output

The secret of this setting is nothing too much complex to understand. HDR works on the rule of finest one within collection, where camera takes multiple images in same time and chooses combination of high brighten and low brighten image and select that combined image for further color toning process.

HDR Modes

Color toning process takes pulse of time in camera to process but done within seconds and fixes the output at maximum available colors.

HDR Output

Finally camera completes the process of color toning and gives its awesome output.

Therefore, today having camera is great thing but having HDR feature within it is awesome option for you. You can take thousands of professional images without any expert photo graphical knowledge.

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