How to Get Maximum Download Speed on Internet

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Downloading files over internet is so much time consuming process if you have a slower internet connection. No one like to use slower internet connection at their home and workplace. Generally people opt for 2 Mbps plans from their local internet service provider. But really user gets 100% satisfaction out of 2 Mbps plan. Most of user would say no, we prefer to have more speed than 2 Mbps. When we like anything on internet and start downloading that thing, it have to be downloaded faster as you have an extremely faster internet connection, but really this happens.


Why 2 Mb/s have average 256 KB/s speed

Understand the difference between bit and byte. Small alphabet ‘b’ is known as bit in the file size where capital alphabet ‘B’ is denoted as byte in the file size. If you have an internet connection speed of 2 Mega bit per second then you will get its 8 part of it which is speed in byte per second.

[ 2 Mb/s divided by 8 = 0.256 Mb/s = 256 KB/s ]

So answer is clear that you won’t get speed more that 256 KB/s from your service provider if you have an 2 Mb/s speed internet connection. The major difference is bit and byte every where.

How to get maximum speed out of provided speed

There is not any single answer for this question, you need to consider that you are using internet connection on top speed without interruption of the application’s activities.

  • Disable windows automatic update because this can eat up to 40% speed of your internet connection and left 60% becomes available to use.
  • Disable internet sharing if you have shared internet connection with somebody else. If this is impossible for always then disable sharing while downloading data in larger amount.
  • Check whether applications running in background using internet for getting update or not. You never need such updates always so just keep their mode to disable.
  • If you are done with disabling various activities of application over internet just open Task Manager and go under Network Tab and check is there any task is still using internet.

You have just done with optimizing your internet connection, start keeping your content for download and analyse  is you are getting more speed while downloading contents.

Internet is most common thing to have in 21st century but speed always matters. Speed is general for every one and if you have more option to enhance speed by paying more then you can sure upgrade the speed to save your valuable time.

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