How to Water Your Home Plants in Absence

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We all like to plant various variety of plants in our home and love planting, watering them and seeing them growing regular. But if you need to go outside to your city or town for some days for any urgent reason then who will water your precious plants. Do you really depend upon your neighbors, sure not in any case. Then how to water your plants in your absence or when you are away from home. Might you have not any appropriate answer for this but science has a trick for that to water your home plants in your absence up to 2 to 3 weeks maximum. Let see ahead how can it be possible.

Watering Plants

What you need for watering home plants

Look at image above this is a diagram for the planting plants in your absence. For preparing this you will need a long thick cotton thread, one flask for water storage and one lighted table or place than plant’s height. Take care of this thing how many plants do you have to water the, if you have single plant then keep the steps on but if you have more than one plant then you will need some extra thick cotton threads to buy from market. Cotton threads has better capabilities to deliver the water from its own way.

Organizing everything to water your plants

After collecting everything near you, you can proceed for the science experiment.

Fill the water pot for flask up to 75% and keep it on a highest level of height. You can put that on any table or place which has more height than plants. Next take out some thread, long up to the distance of water flask to plant pot. Make the thread wet before using it. Put one end of thread in to the water flask and one end to plant pot. Dig some soil near plant pot and keep the thread inside the soil and apply soil above thread placed. You are done with science experiment.

If you have more than one plant in your house do the same with different thread. Never use single piece of thread for every plant pot, use another line for another plant pot. If it is possible to use many water flask then use it for different corners.

How much water to be filled in water flask

It depends upon yours, you can self analyse that how much water you give to your plant regular. Multiply the amount with numbers of days and use that amount of water in to your water flask or pot. This step is not required for a weekends absence. If you are absence for continuous weeks then it is necessary to analyse the amount of water.

Now you can leave your house for planed days. Enjoy the vacations or holidays without worrying about watering your home plants.

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