How to Write Summary on Specific Topic

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A summary is method to which you can gives your readers to become a fan with your topic. In school, college and even in office days you will face the time where you are being either ordered or instructed to write a summary on the specific topic. It can be anything either specific topic or situation based topic. If the summary is liked by readers then sure the whole story would also be liked by them. Do not neglect the part summary in your every topic because reader will avoid you without putting any interest in your story.

Summary Writing

Tips to write a lovable summary for your topic

Writing is an skill where a writer put their own thinking and imaginations on paper by some combination of words.

1. Write and understand whole story first : If you know story well then writing summary would be easier for you, otherwise without knowing story you will stuck with summary part and spoil the story’s interest. Use your own wordings and language never followup others wordings in your summary.

2. Note down or remember elements of the story : Whatever be story, there are various interesting part hidden within it. Identifying elements of the story, it is lengthy task but not impossible to do. Just look them and either note down it or remember them. You can put those interesting parts in summary but putting commas one by one. In a summary involve lines which is answers to what, when, who, why and how like questions.

3. Do not reveal all the interesting parts : Your all the interest is existed within your story, if you tell all the interesting parts in summary only then you your summary would be most readable but story would not be appreciated. So care while writing summary and maintain the personal interest of your readers.

4. Never write summary more than a page, keep it short : Summary itself a word that says it is short and cute, so keep your all the summary paragraphs fit in single page. Larger summary always been neglected by readers and shorter summary always been appreciated.

5. Use easy language : Your story may have some tough language but summary should not have this difficulty. You are writing summary for somebody else than you, you are not writing for yourself. Make your story and summary both comfortable to read and enjoy.

Writing above following thing is more than enough for any kind of summary for your topic. Summary is summary neither it is a full length story nor it is a boring part of story.

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