Frugal Foodie: Voucher-ing 101

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Envy of all the #FoodPorn posts you see on your Facebook News Feed and Instagram? Tired of the usual fast food chains that offer the same old blah food choices? Bookmarked recipes that you don’t have time whipping up?

Yes, yes we know, for the busy bee, I’m-saving-for-something you, having that hashtag-worthy meal may seem to be a tedious task. But then, that doesn’t mean that you cannot have that heavenly, sinful banquet that you’ve been craving for! How? Well, get ready to take a vow, as we take you Voucher-ing 101!

What are vouchers?
So much like discount cards, vouchers are, well, a piece of heaven sent paper that entitles you to a price cut. Yes, discount vouchers are like promos that slash of the price of your favorite treats, or are like cold, hard cash that you can spend on your chosen chow. Paying a much, much lower price, these vouchers give you the chance to hit that new foodie spot without spending too much! That intimidating price posted on their menu or website? Nada. Never mind. With a voucher at hand, you’ll get to taste that specialty, the same drool-worthy meal you keep seeing online, on your friends posts, on that blog, in a cheaper price!

Where do I get vouchers?
Sit back, relax, open your laptop or smartphone, as getting your discount vouchers are as easy as logging-in to your favorite social media account. With the advent of group buying and e-commerce websites, getting your hands on these vouchers are as easy as 1-2-3! Just go to its website, register, then voila! Go ahead, browse and be surprised with all the new food hotspots that you and your family and friends should, start, try. Yes, those pictures posted are real. And yes, that price is real, too.

When can I spend those vouchers?
You can redeem your vouchers on a specified redemption date. Sometimes, right after you pay you may use it right away, yet most of the time, you have to wait at least 3 to 4 weeks before you can use it. Of course, a call for reservations is a bright thing to do. Don’t worry as walk-ins are okay, but hey, won’t hurt to call that number! So what are you waiting for, hoard those vouchers and have that every occasion (as well as your mouth) blocked (with good food!). Don’t forget to bring a hardcopy of that voucher, and of course, your cameras ready, too!

Who buys vouchers?
Your favorite foodie Instagrammer? Idol blogger? Yep, believe it or not, they don’t actually have all the money to burn just as you think they may be doing. Why spend hundreds, even thousands of pesos for meals when they can have it for a cheaper price in just a click! Coupon-ing may be big in other countries, and here in the country, it’s an open secret that voucher-ing, online shopping is the next, if not, the best thing.

Why vouchers?
You won’t believe the latest spots that these voucher-offering websites feature: from buffets, cuisines from all over the world, to popular ones and up-and-coming foodie places! Definitely, you’ll never run out of ideas on where to spend that family reunion, catching-up party nights, or even first date fever! Yep, get your “Thank yous” ready as you’ll definitely impress your loved ones as you treat them to a festive food fight. And oh, you got it in a cheaper price—indeed, the very reason why vouchers rock!

Now, who says you can’t have that double-tap-worthy post all while burping and savoring amazing food and drinks? Definitely, if you’re on a tight budget yet love exploring, discovering food places, vouchers are for you! Yes, you don’t have an excuse to not make your foodie dreams come to life! Go ahead, check out that website, click that link, and indulge! Yummy! Happy voucher-ing!

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