5 Simple Tips for Safe Online Shopping

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Safe Online Shopping

Unlimited Internet means you’ve got unlimited time on your hands—online. When you’ve got access to the best shops in the world 24/7, you’re bound to do some shopping. Let’s face it—how can you resist? Everything just looks so good and cheap!

However, there are downsides to online purchases. For instance, you’re going to pay for items you haven’t even seen personally. You’re going to trust what you’re going to buy is as good as how it looks in the pictures. Another downside is that in order to pay for these risky items, you’re going to risk giving your personal information and credit card number to these establishments without the guarantee of a successful transaction.

How can you be certain you won’t fall victim of online scam? Here are a few easy-to-remember tips to prevent this from happening:

1) Check if the Seller is Legit

Is it a new website? Is the business only a recent establishment? Do you personally know someone who has already made a purchase from the website? Contact the seller and make sure they respond in at least a 24-hour timeframe. Ask them questions, and if they prioritize your inquiries, then you can plan on actually making a purchase.

2) Check Website Reviews

Another way to check if the website isn’t out to get your money is by simply dropping the website’s name on Google. Here you can easily spot if someone made complaints about the site. You can see here if the business is a credible retail shop that regularly conducts business or not.

3) Check for Comments

With the presence of Twitter and Facebook, it’s impossible not to get reactions from customers. Online shops would always have a comments page or testimonials section. Use your judgment to see if the comments are authentic, or do they look scripted and fake? An online shop may have plenty of customers, but make sure that it’s not one customer with multiple accounts making the same rephrased comments.

4) Check the Terms & Conditions

Review the online shop’s proposed payment method, and make sure they’re only asking for necessary details. How many working days will it take to ship the product? If you’re afraid to give your credit information, look for online shops that have PayPal as their main method of payment.

5) Check Your Gut

Finally, if you have doubts about the website or product you’re buying—don’t risk it. More often than not, you have to listen to your instincts. If you spot something unusual you know isn’t part of a simple transaction, just find another online shop offering the same product. Don’t think you’re only supposed to buy from one website alone, considering there are countless international shops available online.

And of course, for self-confessed online shoppers out there, here’s a special mention tip for you: DON’T BUY ON IMPULSE! As much as you’ve been yearning for this particular item all your life (or at least, for the last two months of it), take some time to think about your purchase. Give it a day or two. Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Don’t waste your time and money because of a deceiving, well-designed website with eye-catching false advertisements.

Keep browsing this website for more tips on how to stay safe when shopping online. Happy safe shopping!

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