5 Tips to Improve Your Employee Performance

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After onboarding new employees, it’s common for companies to leave their workers in the dark. Without continual support, employees can fall into bad habits and revert to doing the bare minimum.

Implementing processes for improving employee performance and productivity will lead to a happier work environment. But how do you do that and ensure greater company success?


We’ll cover several tips to help you motivate team members and get them to produce their best work.

Reward Good Performance.

Nothing motivates your employees more than being recognized for their hard work. Rewards should be given based on accomplishment and tied to your strategic goals.

You can reward your team members’ performances by offering bonuses, pay increases, promotions, benefits at work, or paid time off. Even giving out customized pins for employee of the month can go a long way towards showing them your appreciation.

With 34% of the U.S. workforce feeling engaged at their workplace, rewards and recognition can go a long way toward incentivizing your team to perform their best.

Encourage Feedback.

Feedback is critical to improving team members’ performance. Managers must regularly provide constructive feedback to their employees. Similarly, workers should feel they can offer feedback regarding projects, workflows, and processes that could slow them down.

When managers listen attentively and seek open dialogue, team members are more receptive to criticism and empowered to share their feedback.

Gamify Projects with Leaderboards.

A quick, fun way to boost employee performance is by gamifying tasks with points and leaderboards. You can implement this with your organization’s internal system or office productivity software.

Point systems and leaderboards make it clear which metrics and goals your company prioritizes. Plus, it’s a fun way to bring out the competitive spirit within your employees.

According to McKinsey, improved collaboration and communication could raise productivity by 20 to 25%. Use communication and project management tools to gain feedback effectively and communicate with your team. The last thing you want is an unorganized chain of emails that gets lost in their inbox.

Keep Healthy Snacks in the Office.

It’s common for employees to suffer from the typical afternoon slump. Delicious health snacks will keep energy up in your office while elevating employee morale.

These snacks will help your team members get through energy lulls. Plus, healthy options prevent workers from gobbling down sugary snacks or excessive caffeine, which may lead to energy spikes and crashes.

Survey Employees to Discover Their Roadblocks.

A lack of performance doesn’t happen without reason. Typically, there are particular challenges that team members face repeatedly. You’ll need to identify and remove these roadblocks as a manager and leader.

That’s why it’s important to interview and survey your workers to learn about their pain points. Surveys let you brainstorm solutions and processes to help them overcome those challenges and work more effectively.

Wrapping it up.

Prioritizing your employees is one of the highest ROI activities you can be doing. The well-being and performance of your team directly affect whether your business succeeds or fails.

Following these practical tips will go a long way toward retaining your employees and getting the most out of their time and skills. Not to mention, it’ll be a better work environment for everyone.

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