5 Tips to Improve Your Employee Performance


After onboarding new employees, it’s common for companies to leave their workers in the dark. Without continual support, employees can fall into bad habits and revert to doing the bare minimum. Implementing processes for improving employee performance and productivity will lead to a happier work environment. But how do you do that and ensure greater … Read more

Simple Steps to Optimize Your App Performance


Not once have you deleted an application because of poor performance. In fact, you might have downloaded the application for the first and boo. It disappoints you with an extremely slow load speed, poor cross application interactions, network inefficiencies and lagging frames per second in the case of video streaming applications. Once smartphone users notice … Read more

The Sure-Fire Way to Bag a Work Promotion

Work Promotion

One of the most exciting parts of any job is the potential for upward mobility within the job. The ability to start as the lowest employee in the company and become someone of high rank is a large part of the American dream. It is always exciting to be looking forward to a promotion. On … Read more

Best Practices for a Positive Employee Performance Management

Employee Performance Management

The reality of talent and human resource management is that employee performance evaluation can be extremely difficult to carry out, especially in the area of sales. Traditionally, businesses have always mandated sales people to perform in terms of achieving a particular sales target or quota. One danger that many HR professionals know about this system … Read more