5 Tips to Encourage Productivity at Your Growing Company

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Starting a business is incredibly exciting – you have so much impact on the direction your company takes if you’re at the reins from the very beginning. But when you’re a little fish in a big pond, it can be hard to compete with more established companies. After all, they have access to all kinds of resources that you can only dream of when you’re starting out.


But don’t worry – we have some tips for getting your growing business’s productivity off the ground. Here are five ways you can catch up to the big players by boosting productivity at your business.

1. Make Use of Pre-Fab Infrastructure.

We get it – you started your own business because you wanted to have a ton of control over day-to-day operations. That kind of drive can serve you well as an entrepreneur, but you shouldn’t expect yourself to build a customized solution for every need your new company has.

For basic business infrastructure, it makes sense to outsource to a specialist. For example, you’ll be well-served by a white label solution when it comes to software that deals with scheduling, booking, or design.

2. Take Care of Your Workers, and They’ll Take Care of You.

Studies have shown that happy employees achieve greater productivity. This is an important consideration for any business, but it’s even more crucial when you’re a small company that’s just starting out.

If you have a small staff, each team member becomes that much more important. Making sure everyone is happy at work is one of the best ways a leader can foster a more productive environment and deliver better results.

3. Lead by Example.

When you’re in charge of a small company, the example you set for your employees is amplified by your proximity. With fewer people on the team, everyone has a lot more personal interaction. This makes it especially important that you set the tone from the top.

If your team sees that you’re demonstrating a rigorous commitment to productivity, they’re likely to be inspired to follow suit. And the same holds true in the other direction: if they see you slacking off, they’ll see it as an invitation to do the same.

4. Create Your Own Opportunites.

Early in a company’s life, day-to-day operations can be turbulent and unpredictable. The worst thing you can have– for team morale, output, and garnering respect as a team leader– is many smart, capable people sitting around with nothing to work on.

If you hit a bit of a lull early on, don’t be a passive observer– create opportunities for yourself, the team, and the company as a whole. A wealth of data shows that the most successful entrepreneurs are the most active and willing to go out there and make something out of nothing.

5. You Can’t Burn the Candle at Both Ends.

For all this talk of enhancing productivity, it’s worth remembering that everyone needs some downtime too. Your team will give better results in the long run if they’re not running on fumes every day.

Remember that the goal is your company’s long-term success, not the maximum output at every moment. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Bottom Line.

Above all else, the best way to light a fire under a new company is by lighting a fire in yourself. Everything starts with you – if you bring passion and energy to your own role, it will course through the whole rest of the business. If you want a productive team, start by being a productive leader!

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