Top 5 WordPress Speed Optimization Tips and Tricks

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WordPress Speed Optimization

WordPress is most used platform for blogging and it is primary need of every professional blogger. In this post we are going to discuss top 10 WordPress Speed Optimization tips and tricks. Let’s look all of those WordPress speed optimization tips and tricks in detail.

1. Select Good and Reputed Web Host

Choosing right Web Host Company is one of the major parts of WordPress Speed Optimization. Always use those web hosts which give you maximum uptime and performance in affordable price.

The most reputed and trusted web hosts are DreamHost, BlueHost and HostGator.

2. Use Responsive and Clean Coded Theme

Always use responsive theme, because responsive theme can handle and fits in all the devices. You do not need to buy two separate theme or using extra plugins for making your website mobile optimized.

WordPress has so many themes in their theme store and so many third-party theme developers are online too. You best practices starts with choosing a best theme or you can develop your own with a local or a freelancer. Never use a scrap or nulled theme, always use clean coded themes by trusted WordPress theme developers.

3. Use Better Rated and Less Plugins

The WordPress platform has end numbers of plugin’s list. But this does not mean that you can use as many as you want to. The increasing numbers of plugins makes your site response and processing time slower and sluggish. At a moderate level you may not use more than 15 to 20 plugins for basic and shared hosting services.

Use Jetpack by plugin which has so many facilities under single panel. Below is some of the best plugins that you should use.

  • Akismet (Blocks Comment Spam)
  • Author hReview (Adds Review Capabilities)
  • Contextual Related Post (Text Based Related Posts)
  • Crayon Syntax Highlighter (Best for Explaining Codes)
  • Google XML Sitemap (Adds Sitemap)
  • Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin (Blocks Comment Spam)
  • Jetpack by (Multi-Functional Plugin: Must Use)
  • jQuery Pin it Button for Images (Add Pin it Button on Images)
  • Login Logo (Show Your Site Logo on Login)
  • W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache (Best Cache Plugin)
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast (Best SEO Plugin)
  • WP (Decrease Image Size to Optimum Level)
  • Fancier Author Box (Adds About Author Box on Posts)

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4. Use CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN Content Delivery Network is rocking these days, if you are using shared host you can enjoy power of basic VPS (Virtual Private Server) because CDN localize your static resources to it’s all over the world located datacenters and whenever a visitor open your site the nearest available server responds cached copies of your original server. The best advantage of using CDN is that if you have visitors from different locations and countries it will supercharge your site as the user able to access your website quickly.

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5. Keep Optimizing Widgets and Ads

Above all are the best WordPress optimization tips and tricks, still you need to optimize your extra widgets and ads for speed and performance. Facebook like box, Twitter Follow box and Google+ Circle widgets are looks great but decreases the performance and increases the load time. Whereas, ads are also responsible to decreases the speed of website via so many redirections. So it is long time optimizing part for you keep optimizing it for all time and set your own likes.

These all are the top 5 WordPress Speed Optimization tips and tricks which will supercharge your site and you can handle so many visitors without keep them awaited for long time.

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