What Makes WordPress a Unique Platform for SEO?

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All WordPress sites come with built-in SEO features such as the ability to allow search engines to crawl content, ping search engines when content is published and other SEO features.

The truth is very simple: search engines examine your site’s home page to determine what exactly the site is all about. If your home page contains very little human-readable text, what we call body copy, to provide guidance to the search engines, they will have no idea what your site is about.

WordPress SEO

It’s not a coincidence that WordPress sites tend to rank well on Google. Its success can be attributed primarily to the built-in features that make it easy to customize a site. This is especially true for businesses or authors with little technical experience.

What’s more, WordPress automatically alerts Google each time you update your site, causing recent blogs to move up the ranks in Google search results. That said, it’s SEO friendly for a variety of other reasons as well. If you use it to your advantage, you’ll be seeing an increase in marketing ROI in no time. If you need help launching your SEO on WordPress, you can make use of a WordPress development service. Read on to understand why WordPress should be your preferred platform.

Quick Setup

What makes WordPress a great choice for your SEO goals is its quick setup and configuration. It allows you to log into your site’s dashboard and fill in the SEO-powering fields of your posts’ editor. You can stay assured that this will not take a lot of time off your schedule.


If you are new to blogging, you will definitely take your own time to get used to the fields that prompt you to add the ‘Meta description’, ‘Tags and Categories’, ‘Meta Data’, ‘Keywords’, ‘Excerpt’ and so on. Once you are there, optimizing will truly be a ‘click-of-your finger’ thing. If you are able to save some time there, you will create much better content which is always a step forward in your content optimization journey.

You Don’t Need Web Design Skills

WordPress caters to those with little experience in web design, making it easy for companies in the home service industries—HVAC contractors, landscape design firms, flooring companies to use. Because you don’t need a skilled web developer to upload content on WordPress as you do with other content management systems like Joomla or Drupal, you can build a site much faster. This also means that you can launch an SEO campaign much faster and with less cost to your business. Make use of services like WPFixs to develop and support your ideal website.

WordPress Plugins Enhance Site Functionality and Optimization

You can further customize your WordPress site by choosing plugins that work to enhance your overall site functionality. There are some plugins developed specifically to improve SEO, like WordPress plug-ins. This plugin is especially popular because it adds options to your “Add a new post” page that help with optimization. They score your content for key components like title tags, Meta descriptions, and H1 tags. You can also use WordPress plugins to create an XML sitemap and other features that can further enhance your site. Not only are WordPress websites easily customizable but they also have a simple framework and link structure that’s shared among numerous other websites. Because search engines are familiar with these types of sites, it’s easy for Google’s spiders to find your web pages, index them and rank them.

The SEO title and the Meta description are two major ranking factors. You need to add them to almost every post and page of your website. Make sure to include the targeted keyword in the metadata which can improve your position significantly.

Also, they help to increase your CTR since they are viewable on search engines. You only need to install one of the many free SEO plugins that are available for WordPress and then add them.

Site Speed

Site speed is not a ranking factor but if the loading time of a site is high, your users will get frustrated and it will be bad news for your bounce rate. Also, if your site is very slow, it may get banned from Google. For those who already use WordPress, site speed should not be a problem. There are many fast loading themes to meet every need. You can also find plugins that were actually created to improve site speed. The only reason to have a slow site when using WordPress is that you are not using it properly.

Social Media Integration

Many online marketers overlook the importance of social media when they talk about SEO. If you engage an audience on social media, your rankings will be better. The opposite applies as well when you have a high ranking: more engagement is expected on your social media posts too. It is not about how many followers you have, but how active other people are in your posts (likes, comments, shares).

Again, WordPress is ahead of any competition. You can install one of the hundreds of plugins that are created to maximize your social media exposure. You can automate your campaigns, add social media buttons to your content to get shares from your visitors, embed a social media feed on your website, and many other options to encourage your guests to be a part of your social media campaigns.

Search-Engine Friendly URL

Otherwise known as permalinks, the chosen URL for your website posts is a crucial determinant of how search engines will perceive your content.  If the URL carries the power keyword from your content, that is definitely an icing on the cake.

WordPress Permalink

With WordPress, you can either choose to go with the generated permalink that is based on an ID number, or you can create your own URL. Just before you publish your post through your WordPress editor, you can choose to customize the permalink as per the summary of the post. This is a great SEO booster as the visitors as well as the search engines will be better able to understand what to expect before they even start going through the content of the post.

Final Thoughts

These are the features that make WordPress a unique platform for SEO. Most people find it more customizable than other platforms. Make use of this platform and stand to reap the full benefits.

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