Top 10 Reasons to Shift Your Website from Shared to VPS Hosting

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If you are a website owner or an administrator of a website then this question might come in your mind that do I need to shift to VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting from Shared Hosting environment or not, if you are receiving good amount of traffic and customers then we suggest you are to go for it. If you need reasons why to shift from Shared Hosting to VPS Host then read below the top 10 reasons.

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1. VPS Hosting is a Must for Growing Websites

Being a webmaster you cannot predict that when you will receive a huge amount of traffic to your websites or blogs. Thus to never take a single downtime it is better thing that you shift to VPS before you starts loosing you customers due to slow performance. Thus VPS Hosting is a must for growing websites.

2. VPS Hosting Gives You Dedicated Resources

Unlike Shared Host, VPS Host never limits your resources with your other peers hosted in the same server. VPS is allotted always with dedicated resources for which you have opted. Thus sifting to VPS Host will give you dedicated resources and you do not need to compromise with the hardware resource availability.

3. VPS Hosting is Standing Good in SEO Point of Views

In the hundreds of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques website loading speed is also one of the factor which will help you to get top rank in the search engine. If your website is slow then search engine will put your web pages below and below that causes a huge loss in traffic. Thus if you on Shared Host and getting much of visitors about 5000 to 8000 in a day, you must shift to VPS as soon as possible.

4. VPS Hosting is Not Punished with Other Hosts

In Shared Host, there are hundreds of websites are stored and all of them uses the same and one resource of the server. If some of the websites start using more resources than other websites may lags due to less availability of hardware resources. In between this time your website may lose the fast loading speed even if you are using and Cache Plugin or not.

In VPS the story is totally different, the hardware resources are virtually divided and provided to web hosts. That means whatever your peer does; you will not get affected with their activities. Thus it is better idea to shift to VPS Host.

5. Website Speed and Response Time Gets Increases

As already discussed above that VPS Hosts are provided dedicated resources to everyone you will receive a good speed. Also there are more high-speed internet connections are established which enhances the response time of your website.

6. VPS Host Can Bear a Huge Amount of Traffic

Unlike Shared hosting, you have not any small numbers of limits for handling the huge traffic. Where Shared Host is capable to handle 200,000 visitors in a month, VPS are capable to handle more than millions of traffic in a month.

The above metrics are the soft limits, and not the accurate. You can bear more traffic if you are using less images and speedy and minimal kind of themes.

7. VPS Hosting is Comes with Maximum Uptime About 99.999%

VPS Hosting is more professional hosting than Shared Hosting. Web Hosting companies are providing more up time because when a website owner shift to VPS his or her aim is to give more speed and more uptime.

In simple observation, in a year Shared Hosts are down for more than 24 to 36 Hours and VPS Hosts are down for 5 to 10 Minutes only.

8. VPS Hosting is Gives You Complete Root Access

In Shared Hosting environment you are provided cPanel, FTP and Web Disk but not the complete root access to your web host server. That means if you want to access any crucial things, you cannot do in shared environment.

But in VPS you are allotted a complete root access and a dedicated account manager to take care of your problems and queries.

9. VPS is Totally Customizable

As already above we have discussed that VPS are provided complete root access you can do anything with this. You can install your own application and change the server software. These options are not provided to you when you are in shared environment.

10. VPS Hosting is Worth of e-Commerce Websites

If you are running an e-Commerce website it is good to be on VPS Hosting, because in VPS you will get Dedicated IP Address, SSL Certificate, WHMCS (Billing Panel to Receive and Pay Online Payments) and more dozens of features. Such features super charge your e-Commerce website with higher potential levels.

The above all are the top 10 reasons to why you need to shift from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting environment to get more power and features.

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6 responses to “Top 10 Reasons to Shift Your Website from Shared to VPS Hosting”

  1. Reginald Avatar

    Hi Atul,

    For me, you should move if you have bad neighbors and if you want more support. VPS is much better since you basically have the whole space for you. Shared is okay but when you hit 500 traffic or so, better find for better options.


    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Thanks Reginald, You said a very clear line which suggest people to shift to VPS Host after certain popularity. I hope you enjoyed the article.

  2. Brad Avatar

    I think the next article in the line is definitely why you should upgrade from a VPS to a Dedicated server.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Yes Brad,
      It is to be done when the traffic is crosses all the limits and your traffic becomes uncontrollable. But for simple websites like blogs and forum VPS is more than enoughs.
      Thanks for your comment, I hope you like the post.

  3. Sherin Thomas Avatar
    Sherin Thomas

    Hi Atul thanks for your post. Great information you have elaborated here about vps hosting. Very educative indeed.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Thanks Sherin Thomas,
      I hope you enjoyed our writings. Keep visiting our blog for more fruitful updates…

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