The Top 5 Surefire Ways of Improving Customer Experience

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Customer experience drives a business, and your business isn’t an exception. Many businesses struggle with keeping clients because they don’t know how to handle their existing customers. A satisfied customer automatically converts to your brand ambassador. Therefore, you should take the time to find ways to make your buyers happy. Here are some leading client … Read more

5 Investments You Should Make if You’re Starting a Business

Business sales

You’re doing something most people don’t have the courage to do. You’ve spent so much time on this. You’ve taken risks and made sacrifices, all for something with no guarantee of working. This makes you feel vulnerable. The initial excitement passes and the fear kick in: Have I made a mistake? Why am I not … Read more

How to improve your customer experience when selling online?

Customer experience

Throughout the last 12 months, ecommerce companies across the board have seen their businesses grow exponentially. With non-essential retail closed for much of the year, customers took to online shopping to fill the gap, some for the very first time. While growth is great, especially in tough economic times, having an open online presence can … Read more

How to Find a Relevant Online Sales Training Course?

Online Sales Training Course

In the age of ever-changing technologies and business practices, you need to stay constantly updated to remain competitive. This is true for sales as well. Changing lifestyles, attitudes, and aspirations means that sales personnel can’t rely on their formal education and experience to get the job done. Online sales training is an excellent solution to … Read more

Benefits of Conversation Intelligence Software for Sales Reps?

Conversation Intelligence

Looking for your company’s sales numbers? Not sure what your sales team could be doing better? Consider installing a conversation intelligence software program for your company. Conversation intelligence uses modern AI technology to collect and analyze relevant data to determine what’s not working with customers, and identify strategies that are particularly effective. Conversation intelligence listens … Read more

4 Psychological Triggers to Boost Conversions and Increase Sales

Boost Conversions

Getting people to want to buy your products and services can be tough. After all, there’s so much competition out there, all vying for your same customer base, it’s a wonder anyone succeeds at conversion rate optimization (CRO). So, how exactly are you supposed to stand out amongst the crowd and convince people to buy … Read more

Tips for a Perfect PPC Landing Page to Boost Your Conversions

Landing Page

Connecting with your target market is a huge part of running a business. Done right, PPC advertising campaigns for landing pages are one way to make this happen. If you’re just putting up a site and wondering how to use pay-per-click marketing to attract consumer interest and attention, read on and find out: Focus on … Read more