How to Jump-Start Your Career at Salesforce: Effective Steps

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Undoubtedly, Salesforce is and will continue to be a hot product. Having created quite a whisk in the tech industry, this company continues to attract the best technology minds. What is more is that new customers are penning down contracts on a daily basis. This means only one thing –Salesforce needs more and more Consultants, Developers, and Administrators.

Is getting a career started at Salesforce difficult? Well it is not. However, it might take time. This company has matured to the extent that companies are now seeking experienced people with a record of accomplishments. The good thing is that by taking the following steps, you can not only learn, but also network and thrive in your Salesforce job.

Here are the effective steps you need to take in order to jump-start your career at Salesforce.

Create a Free Admin Playground Account

Anyone who is interested in learning about Salesforce must have a free admin playground account. With this, you have access to all the functionalities and features of Salesforce. This way, you are able to effortlessly play and explore the latest features. Additionally, you get hands-on experience using the application.

With the account, you can effortlessly do the following.

  • Install AppExchange packages, test them and ultimately familiarize yourself with the entire installation process.
  • Create new functionality and features in Salesforce (such as workflow rules, objects and custom fields).
  • Build and execute APEX code including Visualforce.
  • Easily access the Salesforce Success Community that provides a continuous supply of Salesforce documentation that is produced by both the community and Salesforce.
  • … And so much more.

Be ready to get your hands dirty

After you create an admin account, it is now time to begin playing. Multiple resources are available to help you set the ball rolling. Some of the tools you can use to get your hands dirty include:

  • Salesforce Trailhead
  • com Platform Fundamentals
  • Salesforce Cheat Sheets
  • Salesforce YouTube Channel
  • Zero to Hero

Join a Network and User Group

Networking stands out as one the most effective steps to take if you want to take your Salesforce career to another level. With more than 200 user groups worldwide, there is surely bound to be a single one in your area. The best attribute about such groups is the fact that they are 100% for the community and by the community. From User Groups, you can learn about new features of the platform, meet local talent, answer questions, find jobs and learn so much more about other customers. You must get over any networking fears if you are to benefit the most from these forums and groups.

Take advantage of your social networks

Undeniably, social media is an incredible way of building your network in addition to engage with other members of the community. A good number of Salesforce users prefer using Twitter. Jump and join the conversation. Follow as many topics and people that interest you.

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