How to improve your customer experience when selling online?

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Throughout the last 12 months, ecommerce companies across the board have seen their businesses grow exponentially. With non-essential retail closed for much of the year, customers took to online shopping to fill the gap, some for the very first time.

While growth is great, especially in tough economic times, having an open online presence can leave you exposed to customer complaints and dissatisfaction. This in turn can lead to a negative online perception of your business if customer service is not handled properly.

Luckily, there are easy and cost-effective ways to improve your customer satisfaction, gain good reviews and build a business customers love. Here is how you can.

Turn customer feedback into action.

When a customer responds negatively about your brand online, do not get defensive and try to stay upbeat. Feedback, whether it comes in the comments section or via reviews, is your chance to improve your businesses. Try and engage with the feedback and get people involved. Customers love feeling like they have helped shape your brand.

Follow up with your customers.

This is a delicate one to try and balance. Of course, you rely on word-of-mouth reviews to spread your brand messages and offering. But don’t be too pushy when you are asking for reviews and following up about their orders. Generally, customers will want to say something nice about you online, but not if you clog up their inbox.

Improve your user experience.

An easy-to-navigate website, mobile app and social shopping experience will greatly improve your customers’ satisfaction with your brand. You could hire an agency to test your current site and suggest or design upgrades to make it better. Or go direct to your customers and see what they want.

Create a thoughtful after-sale service.

Brand loyalists will undoubtedly spend more money with you and spread the word about your products. A fantastic after-care service can turn one-time customers into brand advocates easily. Offer seasonal and specific discounts and offers to your loyal customers and build a customer service department who really care for customers.

Offer your products to a wider audience.

If you are a well-known business with a global social following, it could be a good idea to start selling in different marketplaces. You can arrange local deliveries and serve your brand fans where they are, without charging import or customs fees.

Deliver a quality product on time.

This should go without saying but your customers will likely be extremely satisfied if you deliver an exceptional product within a good time frame. Make sure you have quality tested your products before you sell them and offer good deals on shipping where you can.

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