5 Essential Google’s Chrome Extensions You Should Try Today

Google Chrome Logo

If you’re not living under the rocks, chances are you’ve heard of Google Chrome Extensions, those small software/programs that allow you to customize or modify your Chrome browsing experience to your taste. Yeah? But, have you heard of Google’s Chrome extensions, extensions created, owned and managed by Google itself? Well, turns out there are currently … Read more

Google Loon Will Loom Over India: Internet & Opportunities Galore

Google Loon Will Loom Over India

Google wanted to launch its drone across India to beam the internet to every corner of the country, bringing down the costs and expanding the reach of the World Wide Web. However, the government agency DEITY disapproved it, and instead the country may soon come under the Project Loon, and the country has big floating … Read more

Google Pegion Algorithm Behind Relevant Search Results

The very recently released new algorithm of Google is a very new addition to the archives of Google. This particular local search algorithm has been created with the aim of promoting quite poignant and much more relevant local search results which are more often very closely related to the traditional format of search ranking signals. … Read more

How to Recover from Google’s Honeymoon Period

Google's Sandbox - Google's Honeymoon Period

The term Google’s Honeymoon Period is nothing more than just a sandbox of Google Search engine. Where the Google Search engine punish website which are very strange and unsafe. If you are one of the webmaster who is suffering from this Google Honeymoon Period then follow the recovery guide which is personally tested by some … Read more