How to Recover from Google’s Honeymoon Period

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The term Google’s Honeymoon Period is nothing more than just a sandbox of Google Search engine. Where the Google Search engine punish website which are very strange and unsafe. If you are one of the webmaster who is suffering from this Google Honeymoon Period then follow the recovery guide which is personally tested by some great webmasters. Let’s know everything from scratch.

Google's Sandbox - Google's Honeymoon Period

Before going further let’s see, how to identify that I am on Google’s Honeymoon Period or just playing in the Google’s Sandbox?

The main symptoms of identifying Google’s Honeymoon Period can be done by seeing your website traffic and performance of it. You will see these changes which suddenly come in effects.

  • Drop down in Google Search result and your pages will not be in Google Search.
  • Heavy traffic loose and traffic from Google Search will come to almost Zero.
  • You will see a sudden drop in Google’s Page Rank for a month and more.
  • Your site pages will not show on top position, if you were in top position.
  • You may enjoy good ranking in Google Search for last some weeks.
  • You may receive a good amount of traffic for last some weeks.

These are the main symptoms of identifying that are you on Google’s Sandbox.

How to Recover From Google’s Honeymoon Period

Once you enjoy a good amount of traffic and site ranking suddenly your site come to starting level where everything comes to zero. This was the bad effect of Google’s Sandbox, but good thing is that this effect will never come again once you recovered. Yes! This is the truth.

Note: Google Honeymoon Period is for new site not for new domain.

To get recover from such Google’s effect you have to do something different than you are doing now, do follow such things and instantly recover from this Sandbox effects.

  • You have to publish quality and genuine posts nonstop.
  • Publish posts which have low competition and good traffic.
  • Build more back links pointing your blog or website.
  • Promote your blog or sites on social media like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Also promote your site on Pinterest and Stumble Upon.
  • Create social bookmarks using Delicious, Digg and Reddit.
  • Submit your blogs and sites to various blogging communities.
  • Represent your sites in forums and suggestion sites.

These are the steps by which you can instruct engines that your blog is worthier its place is outside their sandbox. The Google’ Honeymoon Period can punish your blog up to a month and longer also in their sandbox. By following such points you may recover instantly within couple of weeks.

After completion of this Google’s Sandbox affect your blog or site will again gain all the ranks naturally and your pages will again come in action from Google Search.

I hope this guide will sure help you to come out of Google’s Honeymoon Period which is just a Sandbox for site places.

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5 responses to “How to Recover from Google’s Honeymoon Period”

  1. The Truth Avatar
    The Truth

    You missed some tips out on what to do:

    – Make sure that any unique content you write has bad grammar and is written by someone who can’t speak English.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Yes brother, that is the basic demand of a blog otherwise everything is just a waste. Thanks for commenting, I hope you liked the post.

  2. Fatma Avatar

    Thank you, this was really helpful as my website recently got into this honeymoon period.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Hi Fatma,

      I understand that google is punishing websites using their spam blocking system called Honeymoon Period. As per me your organic traffic may dropped to almost none here. But do not worry. You will get recovered once their system find that you were not eligible for spams. Keep posting fresh and great articles you will get recovered soon…

      Good Luck.

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