How Bing and Yahoo is Better than Google in Search

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Google is world’s number one search engine; there is no doubt about it. But still Google has no limit over its index filter system. Whereas, Bing and Yahoo search engines are doing same job slowly but indexes only genuine and worth contents. That is why we discussed here topic how Bing and Yahoo is better than Google in search. Let’s see how Bing and Yahoo search engines are better than Google.

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  • Google Indexes Everything from their Webmasters

When we talk about indexing pages, Google is very first that indexed everything from single sitemap very fast and quick manner. Many a time it also index Porn, Illegal Materials, Copied Resources, and Restricted Items too. This is bad side of Google Search.

Bing and Yahoo is now a joined network, only Bing indexes pages for Bing itself and for Yahoo too. Bing index webpages from sitemap slowly, but index only genuine and worthy contents.

  • Bing and Yahoo is Slow – But Index Filter is Better.

This is true thing that Bing and Yahoo are too slow to index webpages, but they have better control over filtering contents for searchers. Whereas, Google is too fast but sometime illegal thing appears even after filters are on.

  • Bing and Yahoo Never Give You Vulgar Result… Almost!

Sometime Google reacts wrong in terms of showing search result, where they show adult results which is not suitable for children. Such vulgar result makes children to perform some illegal thing.

  • Social integration is Better in Bing and Yahoo

When we come to Social Integration Bing and Yahoo is good. Social giants like Facebook and Twitter takes help of Bing and Yahoo more instead of Google.

  • Quality and Quantity Matters – Every Engine Wins Here

Google is king; Bing and Yahoo is son of king. All search engines are designed to give you quality results in terms of quantity. However we still say that Bing and Yahoo are bit back here because of limited numbers of results but still better with genuine and worth results.

Answer is clear now, Bing and Yahoo is better for quality result. Google is best one but still have some content restriction filters. Therefore, as we think Bing and Yahoo is better than Google in search.

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