Challenge Almost All the Online Gamers Face (e-troubles)

Online Game

Gaming is an escape for gamers as the virtual world consists of enigmatic adventurous routes to explore. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like the hero of a completely different dimension after a long, stressful day! A dynamic game is, therefore, the first and foremost preference of gamers. The gaming market thus inevitably floods … Read more

5 Fun Video Games for Toddlers for Their Growth

Finding good video games for your toddlers that are both entertaining and educational is not an easy task. You may think that just because there are tons of games out there you’re going to find something without much effort, but as it turns out, finding a game that will capture the attention of a 2-year-old … Read more

Gesture Recognition: Will it Ever Replace Touch Screens?

Gesture Recognition Technology

Gesture Recognition Technology (GRT) is one of those things that does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s technology that works using mathematical algorithms to recognise the patterns in facial or hand gestures and respond accordingly. The buying public is probably most familiar with its gaming from Xbox were one of the first … Read more

What Makes These Violent Video Games Controversial?

Violent Video Games

Video games are among the most common means of entertainment of our days, being popular among teenagers, as well as among adults. While nobody has anything against adults playing video games, there are people that criticize teenagers that opt to spend their free time playing games, especially when it comes to video games that imply … Read more

Oculus Rift and What Facebook’s Purchase of the Company Might Mean for Gamers

Oculus Rift - Facebook

You may have heard that social media giant Facebook just bought Oculus Rift for the outrageous amount of $2 billion. Fans have mixed feelings with regards to the purchase, and while some are angry that Oculus agreed to the deal, others are disappointed. Believe it or not, the merger comes with some good news too. Let’s … Read more