Get Best Technical Education from Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu

IIT Madras

Tamil Nadu is one of the emerging hubs for engineering education in India and a large number of engineering universities and colleges are found in different cities. With so many institutions, it becomes a bit difficult to decide from where to pursue engineering education. To help you with this, we have brought a list of … Read more

Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Decoded

Healthcare Fraud and Abuse

Last year, a record breaking 4.5 billion is recovered in cases of healthcare fraud, which includes doctors, nurses, and many healthcare providers from many cities. Fraud is a pricey five letter word. In case of medical billing and coding, your genuine mistake could lead to a situation that could put you, your provider at risk for … Read more

What does a Career as DBA Has in Store for You?

The whole world is undergoing an information explosion right now.  Database is required to maintain this vast amount of information base.  Who are the guardians of these huge databases?  You guessed it right. It is the job of database administrator to store, manage and protect information. Want an exciting career as DBA? Here is how … Read more

Education Scenario in Bihar

One of the most mineral rich states in the country, Bihar sits in the North east of India, touching Nepal. Home to one of the greatest Indian empires, the Maurya Empire, Bihar has always been the seat of learning and culture. With the scholars of Magadha and the origins of Buddhism, it has always been … Read more

CSI Fan? 5 Real-Life CSI Jobs to Consider

CSI Scientist

Have you ever watched television shows that feature crime scene investigators only to wonder how you can get a job like them? There are some careers you can find that deal with processing bodily fluids, fingerprinting and investigating a crime scene. There are different education requirements for CSI Jobs. You can talk to a local … Read more

Engineering Studies in Delhi

Delhi, the Nerve of the Country, Delhi, the capital city of India is amongst the most preferred locations in the country. People from all across the country and even abroad migrate to this city in search of jobs or to make a living. The charm of the city captives people to settle here permanently. Among … Read more

Graphic Designing, a Job Profile with Creativity at its Best!

Graphic Designing

The graphic designing is a profession dedicated to programming, designing and creating visual communications produced by digital means to transmit messages to specific social groups. Such types of designs enable to graphically communicate ideas and values. It is a name, which has an extremely important role in not just in print media, but also in … Read more