The Difference in Between Customers and Consumers

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Now a day, we mix two different meaning words in same and there is a combo of words where we misdeal with them. Customer and Consumer these combo words seem identical in meaning but both have different meanings. Let’s see the difference in between customers and consumers.

Customers and Consumers

In simple term, customer is a person who views your product and consumer is who actually buys your product, in general when a person consumes your product then he is a consumer.

In business and management terms Customers and Consumers both are treated as practically different and opposite meanings.

Customer is anyone who is roaming outside from display of your product. When they come to see what is your product all about then he or she is Potential Customer. Finally if that person buys your product then he or she is Consumer of your product.

Here never confuse in that the consumer consumed your product or not, because for a business a buyer is the consumer and only viewer is customer.

These are the actual terms and their means of Customers and Consumers.

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