The Difference in Between Recruitment and Selection

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In management and human resource field these two worlds are like jargon. Recruitment and selection so what is difference in between them that is our primary thinking. When we come in detail there is a too much of difference in between them. Recruitment and Selection are not the same meanings of single word, both have major difference.

Recruitment and Selection

Let’s see the difference in between recruitment and selection terms.


Recruitment is something where candidates are offered a vacant employment opportunity and a big hoard for that single opportunity is gets created. In simple term, recruitment is a process of searching candidates for an employment opportunity where they are put in to a challenge where the best one is selected for the vacant place. Recruitment is little longer method for getting the employees but here one benefit is that we have a good chance to analyze all the candidates for better employment opportunities.

The main purpose of recruitment is to create a talent pool where the talents of all candidates are analyzed in several steps. The recruitment has a bad side also, it takes a long time to get employees. Because it involves so many rounds the time limit is more than days. Generally it involves Debate, Aptitude Tests, HR Round and Final Interview.

The recruitment process is made for fresher only.


Selection is a direct method of providing employment opportunities. In simple term, selection is a simple method of placing a candidate on a vacant place according to his specification. Generally this happens when you are coming with a good experience or else if the vacant place is for high level responsibility. It is quick and does not take longer time like recruitment.

The main purpose of selection is quickly employing a vacant place which needs to be occupied as soon as possible because the whole staff would be depending on him or her.

Experienced people enjoy the selection method after he or she applies for a job.

These are the difference between in recruitment and selection.

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