Cut The Cord: How Wireless Technology is Making Industries Safer

Wireless Technology

From cloud storage to wireless connectivity, wireless systems and functionality have dramatically altered how we live and work — especially in potentially dangerous environments. Found in many industrial scenarios, dust explosions are the rapid combustion of fine particles. If they occur in an enclosed space, pressure can build, causing major structural damage and potentially leading … Read more

When is the Right Time to Update Your Businesses’ Tech

Do you feel the need to update your businesses’ technological tools? Chances are, you feel that production can be better or business seems slower. You might’ve seen some newfangled business tools like 3D printers, high-speed broadband or avaya digital phones for your business. Truly, the hardware and software your business depends on should be kept … Read more

New Tech Consumers Can Expect with Their Luxury Cars?

Today’s most luxurious cars are not just simple paragons of style and class. These are also ideal test subjects for vehicle manufacturers seeking to introduce advanced technologies and pioneering features into the marketplace. Considering top-tier cars already come with a high price, incorporating pricey additional gear (which usually comes as optional packaging) drivers expect groundbreaking … Read more

Four Ways You Can Create Art Using Technology

Technology can be used in many ways to create many different types of art.  As technology progresses, so does the art produced from the medium.  Artists of all sorts from around the world utilize electronic technologies to create top pieces of work.  The possibilities are endless when you have no boundaries.  If you’re interested in … Read more

How to Use Technology to Go Green?

Using technology to go green might seem almost like an oxymoron to some folks, but technology is possible without adding to the carbon footprint of your family.  On the contrary, it can actually be utilized to reduce you and your family’s imprint on the world’s resources. Minimizing our mark on the Earth is becoming more … Read more

7 Business to Business Technology Examples You Should Know

Business To Business Technology Examples You Should Know

With each passing day, there is a new evolution in technology which is making business smoother and faster. A business to business (B2B) model means transactions and exchange of information etc. between two businesses. If two business entities are located in different countries, states or cities, it is mandatory to have simple tools for communication … Read more