Cut The Cord: How Wireless Technology is Making Industries Safer

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From cloud storage to wireless connectivity, wireless systems and functionality have dramatically altered how we live and work — especially in potentially dangerous environments.

Wireless Technology

Found in many industrial scenarios, dust explosions are the rapid combustion of fine particles. If they occur in an enclosed space, pressure can build, causing major structural damage and potentially leading to injuries or even death.

In the past, companies utilised wired explosion vent detection systems. While an effective solution, the systems needed to be hard wired, incurring an additional cost.

Recognising the need for a similar solution that could eliminate wiring costs, rupture disc experts Elfab has designed and created GSM-Tel, a traditional explosion vent detection system with GSM technology. This provides a modern and wire-free burst detection system, providing instantaneous notification of explosion vent activation within remote conditions.

Being the first of its kind, the dual channel, remote monitoring system is capable of interfacing with any of Elfab’s explosion vent designs including both single and multi-layer setups, as well as flat and domed constructions.

GSM-Tel is specifically designed for remote locations, allowing for improved explosion vent monitoring from afar. In the event of explosion vent activation, users will receive a fully customisable text message signifying panel rupture without being adjacent to the process.

As well as eliminating wiring costs, maintenance charges are similarly low. The battery-operated GSM alert system is reusable after explosion vent actuation for long-term reliability and minimal maintenance.

Wireless technologies are working to make industries safer. As developments are made and systems grow more intelligent, we can expect heightened safety in the coming years — which is good news for everyone connected to the sector.

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