How to Use Technology to Better Track Your Fitness Goals

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Ever since the beginning of humanity, health and fitness has been something all people are concerned about. Now it’s easier than ever to keep track of just how fit you are with the help of all the new technological gadgets filling up the fitness arena. But for those who love old school exercises, learning to implement these new pieces into your health routines may seem a bit jarring. So to help those late adopters see just how great some of this new technology really is, here are three ways you can begin using technology to better track your fitness and reach your goals.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is super trendy right now in the health world, even for people who aren’t extremely health-conscious. Because these gadgets have a great purpose while also looking cool, you can use most of these tools all day, every day, not just while working out.

According to Scott Stein, a contributor to, wearable technology can track fitness information such as your heart rate, steps, sleeping pattern, caloric intake, distance and so much more. While some pieces of technology are more specialized, like GPS running watches, you can get wearable tech that can track it all for you in one place, giving you a better picture of your overall health and wellness.

Technology In the Kitchen

Not only has there been advances in technology to track your fitness and exercise, but there are now so many new inventions to make eating healthy easier, too. shares some of their favorite kitchen technologies to help make eating right fun and effective. The items they include in their list range from slabs that track macronutrients of foods, cutting boards with simple ways to measure portion sizes, and blenders that have the same power as a wood chipper. With all these new gadgets in the kitchen, making smarter food choices is easier than ever.

Smart Shoes

While wearable technology is amazing, some have even take this idea further by making the actual clothes you wear while working out track your routines. Smart shoes, like those made by Xiaomi in China, can now take the benefits of wearable technology to the next level by giving you the same information without any added bulk.

In these smart shoes use a Bluetooth fitness tracker placed right in the heel of the shoes to keep count of calories burned, distance ran, and the number of steps taken. And the great thing about this new fitness advancement? These shoes cost less than $65!

Technology has really helped fitness junkies take their passion up a notch. By making it so easy to stay on top of your health and fitness simply by including a few pieces of technology into the mix, people can now have a much better understanding of their progress and achievements. To begin receiving these same benefits, add some tech pieces into your workouts today.

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