5 Tips To Increase Business Opportunities Using New Technology

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In the gold rush for new and better clients and customers, there’s always new technology to kick the tires on. And now, more than ever, if you’re creative in the business world, there are all kinds of captive audiences out there just waiting for you to knock on their proverbial door.

For the sake of argument, consider these five basic tips that will help you increase your business opportunities by utilizing new technology that has come out in the past several years, and are just now gaining popularity.

Try Video Chat Services

One interesting technique some companies have used is to have an online chat request service. For example, a medical company will have medical video chat requests where you can send them an email talking about what conditions you have questions about, and a doctor will call you back at a predetermined time for a discounted rate. This is a fantastic formula to follow regardless of what industry you happen to be in, so experimenting with that possibility will definitely open up income pathways.

Use Social Media Interactions

Another way to open up income streams using new technology is by wrapping your head around social media business techniques. Since social media is flexing and adapting all the time with things like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, the more you learn how to use those formats and platforms, the greater amount of coverage and leverage you’re going to be able to get from a relatively small amount of effort.

Attempt Location-Based Advertising

One particularly new technology that can help your business is the idea of location-based advertising and directions. With GPS so prevalent, and Google paying more attention to proximity, if you tag all of your advertising material to include specific locations, you’ll get hits from anyone in the area. If you research location-based searching, you can learn to reverse engineer the advertising process.

Use Metrics To Find Your Client Base

Also, with data that you can get from certain browsers and platforms, you can figure out the demographics of the people who are actually searching for your business specifically, which means that you and start catering your message to the people who are already interested. No more stabbing in the dark means that many more people will be in your captive financial stream.

Avoid the Office and Hit the Road

Talking to people fact to face is a great way to increase business, and you can use new technology to find out the best ways to interact in that manner as well. Because mobile devices and things like smart watches are becoming more prevalent, you can use them to disconnect from the office and connect with people instead.

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