How Can I Know My Boyfriend’s Location by His Phone Number?


A few years back, when technology wasn’t advanced, people didn’t know how to locate someone’s location in need. Now there are many ways through which you can find the exact location of the target device. You can quickly get started with finding someone’s location if you have the right tool in hand. We have written … Read more

Spyic: Best Cell Phone Spy App


As the phone surveillance industry gains traction, some apps have distinguished themselves above others. Among them is Spyic, a veteran app in the surveillance sector. With Spyic, you enjoy some of the most advanced features in the industry. Thanks to over a million users globally and increasing popularity, Spyic has been gaining media houses’ attention. … Read more

4 Basic Measures to Protect Your Business Online


‘Why would hackers decide to target me?’ This is a question that a lot of small business owners ask. If you’re the little guy, it’s easy to think you’re of no interest to hackers. However, cybersecurity breaches happen to every type of business. A hacker might decide they can steal some money from your company, … Read more

Inside the Global WAF Market

Web Application Firewall

Cyber and data security have become important considerations for organizations around the world. Data breaches have become more common, and new regulations, like the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), have been developed to help prevent them. As a result, organizations have been well-motivated to take the steps necessary to protect their systems and sensitive … Read more

KENT CamEye: The Vehicle Security System Made in India


Car owners have many pain points, and traffic is merely just one of them. In today’s day and age, vehicle security is by far one of the biggest concerns for car owners. Crime is prevalent and safeguarding the security of everyone is of critical importance when on the road. The concerns of car owners range … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency Security

Cryptocurrency Security

Bitcoin and other common cryptocurrencies have gained significant traction in popularity in recent times, but amidst all the hype, there should be no doubt in any investor’s mind that security should be a forefront concern. We all like to believe we are immune from online fraud or hacks… until we are not. Your cryptocurrency can … Read more

5 Tips to Ensure Security of Your Online Data and Transactions


The internet has become all pervasive and escaping its immense utility is not just difficult but also unwise. While using the internet, the ease of access is often overshadowed by the unsafe nature of its basic framework. This is because no system is free of loopholes and there are cyber thieves who are always on … Read more