4 Basic Measures to Protect Your Business Online

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‘Why would hackers decide to target me?’ This is a question that a lot of small business owners ask. If you’re the little guy, it’s easy to think you’re of no interest to hackers.

However, cybersecurity breaches happen to every type of business. A hacker might decide they can steal some money from your company, even if you present yourself as a humble startup. It’s been reported that 43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses and that only 14% are prepared for this.

Believe it or not, most hackers aren’t expecting to make millions out of a single job. Most are just looking to make more than they would earn in a day job by exploiting low-key, vulnerable targets.

Large companies tend to have costly and effective cybersecurity systems. They keep a tight lid on their operation, and they place high importance on secure document sharing. This makes them a difficult target. By contrast, most small businesses don’t choose to invest in cybersecurity.


Investing a small amount in cybersecurity could save you thousands, tens of thousands, or even total failure in the future. Here are some measures to start you off.

1) Keep it Secret. Keep it Safe.

Every business has sensitive documents, and these need to be protected by secure document sharing. Client data, financial data, legal data — these are all examples of information that could be useful to cyber-criminals.

This data has to be shared occasionally, which happens internally or for processes like auditing. Services like Firmex make this process as safe and affordable as possible.

2) Strengthen Your Weakest Link.

So, you’ve invested in some top-of-the-range, extremely secure software for your office computers. Your network is a fortress, and every penny was well spent.

Then one of your staff has to work late to meet a morning deadline. They can’t stay in the office, so they send some important documents to their home email. They download them and edit them on their personal laptop, which is an ancient ruin and not protected by your office firewall.

It seems far-fetched, but working from home is a big thing these days. You’re only as secure as your weakest link. Make sure your staff isn’t using vulnerable technology to handle sensitive documents, or you could suffer. This is another huge benefit of having a committed platform for secure document sharing.

3) Once More, With Feeling: Please Select a Strong Password.

So, so basic. So, so important. Many employees don’t change their password from the company default. Many companies have a default for all employees. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

An employee with access to secure documents may be using the same password they use for everything. If an employee’s consumer accounts are compromised, their password could be someone’s gateway to your business’s sensitive information.

Make sure your employees use unique passwords and change them regularly. It’s as important today as it was 20 years ago.

4) Consequences are for Everyone.

Understanding the damage that your business could suffer from a cyber-attack is easy for an owner. Once you see the risks and the numbers, you get serious. Your employees need to be just as serious.

Ensure your staff understands the importance of cybersecurity every step of the way. Let them know the kind of loss you could suffer and its impact on everybody at the company. Collective responsibility is the best way to prevent collective loss.

Bottom Line.

No business is immune to data breach risks. We recommend these simple cybersecurity solutions for your entire team to take advantage of. Learn them well, make the changes, and stay safe.

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