A Celebration of Broadband – 6 Things We Shouldn’t Take for Granted

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As of January 2023, the worldwide digital population has expanded massively. With 5.16 billion internet users, which equates to 64.4% of the world population, the need for a strong internet connection has never been more important.

And thanks to the pandemic, the freedom of remote working has spiked in popularity, with millions of nomad professionals choosing to set up offices in all corners of the world.


So, as the laptop lifestyle continues to flourish, here are 6 benefits of broadband we never want to lose – it’s truly the unsung hero of modern life.

1. It Offers a Better Connection.

Probably the biggest benefit of them all, right? When you opt for broadband, you can connect to the internet at an incredibly fast rate. Way faster than other connection options like cable, satellite, and DSL, which all have a max bandwidth of just 0.5 megabytes per second.

Offering a better connection is also one of the most important things if you’re out in the sticks and you need a strong internet connection you can rely on. This is why, in terms of rural internet, broadband is typically the best option to go for.

No need to stress if you’re working from a cabin by the lake in New Zealand or a hut on the beach in Thailand.

2. It Offers Faster Downloads.

These days, people have no patience to be waiting around for things. Instead, they want to be able to access what it is they want almost immediately.

This is where broadband comes out on top, as it provides faster downloads than other connections. For example, users can download films, TV programs, songs, and podcasts way quicker. It also sways users to actually purchase these products rather than illegally download them or go for lower-quality versions.

This is a plus for both producers of copyrighted material and end users.

3. It Offers Faster Uploads.

See the pattern here? But in all seriousness, if you’re a remote worker or you just rely on the internet for your job, this is a non-negotiable. You can upload data to other networks with broadband really quickly, plus share data instantly with other users.

From sending emails and files instantly to uploading pictures or videos to websites, the speed at which broadband works is essential for fast-paced work environments.

4. It Offers Easier Access.

Broadband provides users with the ultimate convenience when it comes to accessing the internet from anywhere with a high-speed connection.

Those who have a broadband program can also link more than one computer to a single network without compromising the quality or speed of the devices. The access to this large bandwidth, called ‘the cloud,’ is also perfect for sharing documents and data with other users, whether it’s for work purposes or just general ones.

5. It Offers More Security.

Broadband service providers offer incredibly secure connections, which is a super important aspect, both in terms of personal data and work data.

Its high-speed connection makes it easier to protect broadband users from software intrusion and hacks. Users are also able to take their security one step further by creating complex passwords to safeguard themselves against online identity theft.

6. It Ensures Public Safety.

As well as your own personal safety, having broadband as your internet connection also ensures public safety. Unfortunately, there are lots of cyber criminals out there, but broadband technology helps you to monitor your security and prevent attacks from happening.

It Ticks All the Boxes.

From high-speed connections to ensuring your digital safety, there’s not much that broadband can’t do. We’ll always treasure how it’s changed our lives – we mustn’t take these things for granted!

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