Wi-Fi Connection and its Significance in Business and Personal Life


In today’s digital world, everyone seems to use the internet to do something either for personal gain or for the efficiency of the business. The good thing is that internet connection has been made easier and cheaper to access everywhere you go in the world through Wi-Fi access. Most businesses including airports, hotels, and stores … Read more

How Small Businesses Can Battle Cybercriminals


People believe that large businesses are more prone to cybercrime than small businesses. After all, most people know of Yahoo’s massive loss of up to 3 billion email accounts, arguably the largest cyber security breach ever. An unknown group of criminals gained access to the season finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones before its planned … Read more

Marketing Possibilities Facilitated via Internet Innovation

Marketing Possibilities

What is SEO, and Why is it Important? Most reading this are aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and how advantageous it can be. The internet brings users in contact with people from across the world. For businesses especially, reaching this wider audience yields quantifiable Return On Investment, or ROI. To optimize for proper ROI … Read more

5 Reasons Why Companies Should Get ISDN Phone Lines

Before we get to the reasons why your company should get an ISDN phone line, let’s first understand what it is. One of the most commonly used telecommunication network is the PSTN or a public switched telephone network which only has a single phone line and telephone number. Unfortunately, this would only be ideal for … Read more

How to Use the Internet for Your Time Management

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a freelancer working from home, or the CEO of a whole business chain, you may sometimes struggle with time management. Everyone that works in a leadership position knows the importance of time management, and most know by first hand experience what happens when your time management skills falter. Your … Read more