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When boredom strikes, you don’t have to stare at the ceiling or watch the paint get dry, since the technology of the internet is here to save you. With this tool at your disposal, you can literally visit any website you want and kill your boredom. The world wide web does not only have those three apps you scroll through repeatedly until the routine becomes dull and boring. In fact, there are tons of fun and random sites you can go over to in order to have quality time. So, if you are looking for some of the coolest websites to visit when bored, then keep reading his article because we have just the right list for you.

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However, in order to access all these sites without running into any technical issues, you need to get a subscription to a dependable internet connection that does not give up on you when it is needed the most. In addition to this, you are probably going to need the connection that comes with unlimited data. For this, you can check out Spectrum since it is countrywide and known for its impressive services. To learn more about it, you can dial número de telefono de Spectrum and get all the information you need regarding the plans and packages.

Now that this is all sorted, let’s take a look at our list of all the fun websites to visit whenever you are bored.

1. GeoGuesser.

Who doesn’t want to take a trip across the globe and that too within a span of a few minutes? We sure do! And we are certain you have also wanted it at some point. Well, now you can do it with the help of GeoGuesser.

This fun browser-based game basically evaluates you on the basis of your geographical knowledge. It shows you a completely random place from anywhere in the world and you have to guess what it is. This game is not only going to help you test your knowledge but you can also travel the world virtually.

So, don’t wait any longer and check out these places in 360 right from your devices.

2. TV Tropes.

TV Tropes is a website that explores all the conventions and devices that are popularly found in pop cultures, such as movies, novels, comics, and TV shows. Or maybe you might have thought what could be one thing that is more or less the same in every show? Then go over TV Tropes.

Do you know what we found out while browsing through TV Tropes? There is a device called “Flanderization” that basically examines one personality trait of any character that progressively becomes the most prominent trait of the character as the show goes on.

You can also look up different tropes like character archetypes, themes, The Complete Writer’s Guide to Heroes & Heroines, and many more.

3. TheUselessWeb.

As the name already suggests, TheUselessWeb does not have a function of its own. However, it does redirect you to a completely random website. The interface is pretty simple; it has a button on which you have to tap. Once you have done it, the website takes you to a random but cool website.

You can go over to websites like,,, and plenty more.

4. The Onion.

If you have never heard of The Onion, then you are in for a treat!

It is a digital satirical newspaper that catalogs humorous articles to give its readers a much-needed laugh. Every article you come across is a satire on any topic and it is brilliantly written, with the purpose of entertaining the readers. From the title to the content, everything about the article is plausible.

The Onion was launched in 1988 and it immediately became a fan favorite. At any given moment you click on this website, it gives you a long list of different articles, each with an appealing title and equally amazing content.

Wouldn’t you want to read up more on an article titled “Rihanna Loves Using Pregnancy As Excuse to Take Good Seats on Bus”? Of course, you would.

So, don’t miss out on a hearty laugh and entertainment-filled content, and go over to The Onion today.

5. Wayback Machine.

Hands down, one of the coolest websites, Wayback Machine is going to take you on a stroll down memory lane and let you taste the sweetness of nostalgia. This website allows you to check out the Internet Archive of any and all websites. You can paste the URL of any website in the bar given above and choose the date in order to see what it looked like at that particular time.

Whether it is Google, Facebook, or Youtube, you can see what all these websites used to look like in the past.

6. Online Board Games.

Gaming online can kill time easily there are many board games like solitaire, chess, and more to play. For example, online chess, solitaire, and ludo can help you entertain and pass the boring time.

Wrapping It All Up.

When the technology of the internet is at your disposal, then there is no chance for you to get bored. So, the next time you feel like you have literally nothing to do and the time is passing at the turtle’s speed, you need to check out the websites mentioned above and have fun perusing through all the fun content.

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