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Marketing Possibilities

What is SEO, and Why is it Important?

Most reading this are aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and how advantageous it can be. The internet brings users in contact with people from across the world. For businesses especially, reaching this wider audience yields quantifiable Return On Investment, or ROI. To optimize for proper ROI means that, when someone does a search pertaining to your business, your page is the first one to appear. Solid marketing combined with professionally-engineered SEO yields quantifiable ROI that increases your ability to extend marketing efforts, research and development efforts, acquisitions, and more. Google SEO to find the best search engine sites out of Chicago. Many such companies have developed in recent years to meet the increasing demand for content which is not just words filling a page. When content can be massaged such that it has been engineered to show up on the first page in a search engine, then suddenly it’s not just a space filler; it is a traffic driver.

Added Value

One of the best ways to use the internet for content-marketing purposes via SEO is through incorporation of actually useful content. Items that help drive your internet presence include:

  • Subheadings
  • Bulleted Lists
  • Exterior Links
  • Images
  • Trending Subject Matter
  • Humor
  • Applicability

As an example, you might take a look at the news and find a recent example of a celebrity passing away. Express your heartfelt condolences. Christina Grimmie of The Voice was recently shot, and that is an incredibly tragic state of affairs. A content marketing agency that understands how the internet works might find a way to use such arteries of traffic to help develop sales conversions. For example, the business could write a piece eulogizing Christina’s career, and offering heartfelt condolences to fans. Chances are, some of your own employees will have some affinity for such celebrities as they pass away. In the last year alone we have lost David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman–the list goes on. Each time, you have probably noticed a media frenzy on Facebook and other social media networks. So capitalize on that. Get involved with an SEO marketing organization who understands how to tastefully follow trends in the news. Such content agencies put together pieces as per your specifications, and will routinely advise you on the best practices they’ve discovered as SEO has grown into a mainstream necessity of modern business.

Viral Content

Here are several statistics linked to the effectiveness of big-ticket marketing via video. There are statistical similarities to videos that go viral which should also be considered. Find the common features, and you will discover that a great number of viral videos have some element which honestly evinces laughter. People like to laugh, and it’s politically correct in any circle–depending on the kind of humor, of course. Meanwhile, though “sex sells”, it can only sell certain products. You’re not going to have a sexy video for kitty litter, are you? Well, unless it’s ironic; then you’re actually exploiting humor and sensuality simultaneously. The point is, certain things are appropriate in certain scenarios; but their propensity for going viral will be expanded by considering to whom you’re marketing, and how to best reach them. Videos can also help provide your business with increased SEO. Some advertising campaigns will use a story which is an authentic story, has a beginning, has a middle, has an end–and is followed by a pitch for the product in question.

The bottom line is, the more exceptional your content, the easier it is to read, the more relevant it is, the more efficiently will it drive traffic.

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