5 Reasons Why Companies Should Get ISDN Phone Lines

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Before we get to the reasons why your company should get an ISDN phone line, let’s first understand what it is. One of the most commonly used telecommunication network is the PSTN or a public switched telephone network which only has a single phone line and telephone number. Unfortunately, this would only be ideal for start-up and small businesses due to its limited capacity.

On the other hand, an ISDN or integrated services digital network uses digital lines that can process voice, image, data, and even video. Instead of just a single phone line, ISDN uses multiple digital lines allowing you to surf the web and use the phone at the same time. In fact, using ISDN Phone Lines from companies such as Arrow Voice allows you to facilitate up to 30 calls all at the same time.

Now, there are a lot of reason why companies would benefit from getting ISDN phone lines.

1. ISDN Allows Multiple Uses.

ISDN phone lines use your phone line to transform them to multiple digital lines, each digital line is capable of transferring different types of data. This enables you to use several lines to call and surf the internet at the same time. This would be especially helpful for medium companies that need multiple phone lines at a much cheaper rate. As ISDN usually comes in different quantities of digital lines, you could get what you just need for your business.

2. ISDN Causes Less Interference

ISDN uses only digital lines, which are affected by less interference than traditional analog lines. This guarantees that you get the connection at full speed. This is due to the fact that analog lines transfer data in streams, which could be interrupted by line noise, while digital lines transmit data by packet, thus lessening the chance of interruption caused by line noise.

3. ISDN is an ITU Standard

This means that ISDN phone lines use standardized protocols. It is already chosen by a variety of users, from homeowners to medium businesses. It is widely available and provides a cheap communication network option. You get the guarantee that it works because many companies already implemented it in their company.

4. ISDN is Faster

ISDN has a basic rate of 64kbps, with 128kbps available on demand. Typical ISDN phone lines are at least ten times faster than conventional dial-up connection. This guarantees fast response rate and a more efficient workplace.

5. ISDN Can be Used for Other Tasks

ISDN can be used for other activities while the lines are not being used. It can be used to monitor and maintain the network, such as internal support staff dialing within your network, or used for teleconferencing and videoconferencing using third-party equipment.

In short, ISDN is a better alternative to conventional phone lines. It provides more uses for your phone line while giving you faster and more efficient network access. It is significantly cheaper than paying for individual lines and provides an effective communication system to help your company connect to the rest of the world.

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