7 ways to improve the user experience of your apps


Mobile usage among people remain on the increase. Due to it, a multitude of apps have been developed, and the process is an ongoing affair. The importance of User Experience (UX) has never been this high. It is one of the main factors that potential users think about before purchasing any app. Developers must give … Read more

Simple Steps to Optimize Your App Performance


Not once have you deleted an application because of poor performance. In fact, you might have downloaded the application for the first and boo. It disappoints you with an extremely slow load speed, poor cross application interactions, network inefficiencies and lagging frames per second in the case of video streaming applications. Once smartphone users notice … Read more

How is Continuous Integration Used in App Development?

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration (CI) is the latest buzzword in the software development industry these days. The technique, when applied to app development, leads to faster deployment and less waiting time for customers. To build and deploy software faster, software developers and IT managers need to get down to brass tacks and think about the factors that … Read more

Top iOS Apps to Create Ringtones for Apple Devices


Creating ringtones music files and tracks stored in your iTunes Library has never been more easier. iPhone and iPad users now have the option of creating some of the finest ringtones from their favourite music files, as well choose from readymade sound-effects, tones, etc from a large catalogue of tones. Although some of these apps … Read more

3 Medical Care Applications You Should Have on Your Smartphones

Medical Care Application

Imagine this scenario for a bit: you are out with friends on a trek when suddenly one of you complains that they have been bitten. At first, you all shrug it off because you are in the jungle, there are a lot of insects there, it is near impossible not to get bitten. However, as … Read more