Top iOS Apps to Create Ringtones for Apple Devices

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Creating ringtones music files and tracks stored in your iTunes Library has never been more easier. iPhone and iPad users now have the option of creating some of the finest ringtones from their favourite music files, as well choose from readymade sound-effects, tones, etc from a large catalogue of tones. Although some of these apps showcase unnecessary advertisements, the features provided by these apps far outweigh the disturbance caused by the apps. So today, we will take a look at some of finest iOS apps that can be used to create ringtones for your Apple devices. Read on to find out more.


Ringtone Maker

If you are looking for a free ringtone making app, the Ringtone Maker app is a perfect choice. It is the ideal choice creating new ringtones from your favourite music tracks stored in your iTunes Library. The ringtones you make are usually 40 seconds long, and you will have the option of adding a variety of effects, such as fade in, fade out, etc.

Ringtones 500000+

When you use the Ringtones 500000+, you are offered two approaches for ringtone creation. You can download ringtones, uploaded by other users, from a given list or catalogue, or customise your very own from among the music tracks stored in iTunes Library or your phone memory. The name of the app truly justifies the service you are offered – more than 500000 pre-made tones are made available to you from various categories such as pets, animals, hip hop, comedy, etc. If you want the disturbing advertisements removed from the app, then you can pay USD 0.99 to have them removed quite easily.

Create Ringtones

Create Ringtones is a good app for creating customized ringtones, along with the added benefits of adding wonderful effects and modulations to your tones. You will also have the ability to create unique ringtones with your own voice, thanks to the powerful microphone added on the Apple devices. But the only drawback that this app has is the USD 0.99 payment that must be made for creating 40 second-long ringtones.

Ringtone Converter

If you are looking to create an unlimited number of free ringtones for your iPhone or iPad from your favourite music tracks, the Ringtone Converter app is perhaps the finest choice. The app is free, and lets you create 30 second long ringtones with the help of an extremely easy to understand user interface. Some Apple users might find the UI to be a bit mundane, but the features are ideal for first time users.

Ringtone DJ

If you are into sound mixing, the Ringtone DJ app is a wonderful choice in every way. You are provided with an on-screen DJ mixing board, which acts as the primary UI for creating ringtones from your favourite tracks. You need to select a snippet from the waveform of a song for preview and ringtone creation. Once the clip has been saved, you can even add special effects to it using in app purchase packages. The special effects you can add mainly include pitch changes, voice recordings, record scratches, etc.

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