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Smartphones have gone a long way in helping us live every moment more efficiently. Through a few taps and some good apps we can talk to our loved ones through video calling, we can shop to our hearts content and we can order mouth relishing food anytime, anywhere.

It’s hard to imagine life without making use of smartphones and apps and these lifestyle apps will make it even harder to stay without your smartphone:

Baby Monitor 3G

It’s truly said that since God couldn’t be present everywhere, he made mothers. Well, when mothers can’t be everywhere, this app goes a long way in helping them watch over their babies better. You can leave your child to sleep and through this app keep an eye on him through video streaming and crystal clear audio quality so you never miss out on how your baby is doing.

You can now speak and soothe your baby with the tap of a button and through this vibration you can find out if your baby is awake even if you’re someplace noisy. This is a great app that will redefine motherhood making mothers much more secure knowing they can always be in touch with their babies.


Shopping is every Indian’s favourite pastime and we can spend hours browsing through various products that catch our attention. Through the Snapdeal App, you can get access to thousands of products without any hassle and you can shop for any product be it mobile phones, electronics, fashion or home furnishing along with many other categories of goods.

Be sure to get the best prices and enjoy a 7 day return policy and get alerted about various deals and easily track your orders to know when your goodies will reach you!

Make your purchase of goods even more exciting using Snapdeal Offers exclusively from to get amazing discounts and earn rewards like cash back as well.

Smart Alarm

Waking up in the morning can be quite a drudgery for most of us and sometimes even setting an alarm is of little help. Smart Alarm is a great app to make sure you get out of bed. You can customize the alarm settings and can set your favourite music as the alarm sound. You can play around with the size of snooze and stop buttons so you don’t accidentally stop the alarm in your sleep. The sound can increase gradually so you’re not suddenly shaken from your sleep and you can even enable the alarm in silent mode.

If you’re too lazy and keep putting your alarm on snooze, you can set the alarm to ask you tricky math questions which you’ll have to solve to set it on snooze again while it’ll start activating your brain making you less sleepy. This is a great app for us lazy bones who despise the thought of waking up each morning!


This is your one stop fashion app bringing you every imaginable fashion item you want to buy to hit the town in style. Browse through products and if you have any particular brand in mind, you can check the latest deals on them as well.

Be it fashion items like dresses, tops, jeans or be it home furnishing including cushions and curtains, you get unlimited variety to pick and choose from and leave yourself spoilt for choice. Get benefits like free shipping and cash on delivery as well. This is a dream come true for every shopper!

Get great deals on Jabong and get the best Fastrack Watch Prices to get yourself a stylish watch along with the benefit of deals, discounts and Cashback!

Food Planner

In such a busy lifestyle we often neglect our health and eat just about anything or sometimes skip meals too. This is a neat app that helps you eat better as it allows you to plan your meals for the day including snacks. You can make a grocery list and modify the plan whenever needed. You can view various recipes or use your own to cook up something nutritious for yourself.

This app makes all your shopping items available in an easy check list so you never miss out on buying anything on your shopping spree. With over 500,000 people using it, it’s a great app to bring some planning into our chaotic lives!

Smartphones and apps really go a long way to help us out perform day to day activities faster and with better efficiency and productivity. Make sure to add these apps to your phone and let it help you out in life so you live better!

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