Infrared Technology and How it is Being Used

Infrared Technology

Infrared, or IR, is something that most people have heard of, but the majority of infrared radiation cannot be seen by the human eye without specialized equipment. Infrared falls into the categorization of electromagnetic radiation. It is a sibling to other types of electromagnetic radiation, such as microwaves, x rays, ultraviolet waves, and radio waves. … Read more

Six Rules You Should Follow When Designing an API


Nowadays, every software developer uses APIs to make things easier for themselves. Some developers even make their own APIs to help their fellow workers build their apps in less time and with less manpower. If you ever wanted to create an API, you probably don’t even know where to start. Here we have a few … Read more

How to Root Android Phones Using Best Rooting Apps in 2018

Root Android

Root apps give you the greater liberty to perform numerous tasks out of the limits of your stock Android device. Here, you can update your device to the latest version, delete bloatware apps, and access various other advanced features. These root apps make your user experience seamless when it comes to your smartphone devices. Let’s … Read more

Big Data Hadoop is Changing World

Big Data - Hadoop

A java based open source programming framework found by Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella in 2006 is big data Hadoop. It supports in processing and storage of an extremely large set of data. It is one of the Apache software foundation’s projects which later turned out to be a huge success in term of processing … Read more

File Managers for Mac, What App to Choose?

File Managers for Mac

Finder, the standard file manager for Mac, is quite handy. The only problem is that you have to open two windows to work with multiple sources. All sorts of tools with the ability to “cling” windows to the edges of the screen work well with Finder. However, advanced users often need something more customary, like … Read more

How Do Car Lights Work?


Every automotive part has a specific duty to perform, so does the car lights. Located at the front of the vehicles, car headlights enables the drive to see during nights. This is its basic function. However, there are several types of lights found in an automobile, like fog lights which allow other drivers to see … Read more