Here’s Why Right Now is the Best Time to Go Solar

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With a rise in population, the need for energy consumption is increasing drastically. Now is the right time for you to shift your preference to solar because it is one of the greenest ways of generating electricity, as it is affordable, efficient, and helps you to take control of your energy needs. Not only that, the local and state governments also offer programs for promoting solar solutions.

Solar Panels

If you are still confused as to why one must shift to greener alternatives like solar energy, then look at the below-mentioned reasons:

Rise in Electricity Prices

With an increase in population, there is going to be an increase in energy consumption which will, in turn, lead to a surge in electricity prices. However, unlike electricity prices, solar energy has a fixed cost. The cost of installing the entire system is constant, and it will save you from any kind of unforeseen expenses.

Reliable Financial Source

When it comes to savings, the installation of a solar system is a great investment for your home. Not only does using solar energy save you a lot of money, but it also enhances the value of your property. With the money you save on your electricity bills, you could use it on something else or invest it to finance something you have been wanting for a long time.

It is Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy is great for the environment. As the quality of air is deteriorating, day by day, solar energy is harmless and a safe option that doesn’t contribute to any air pollution. It is clean and green and there are no harmful emissions that would damage the environment. It also helps fight climate change. We are responsible for the ongoing disposal of toxins and additional CO2 into the air. It makes it harder and harder to clean the air for the community. As the carbon count continues to rise, so will our heat retention from the sun. One of the climate change solutions to avoid its adverse consequences is to turn to solar solutions. We can all do our part in slowing climate change by reducing our CO2 emissions and releasing fewer toxins into the environment.

It Makes You Self-Sufficient

No longer you have to be dependent on the services of utility providers. This is where solar energy will come to your rescue. Every time there are power cuts, you would still have power because you rely on solar energy. There are various off-grid and on-grid solar panel systems in the market to choose from according to the frequency of power cuts and the national grid’s availability in your area.

Available 24*7

As kids, we were always told that you can use solar power only when the sun goes up in the sky. However, to bust this myth leading brands like Luminous provide an array of options that will allow you to choose a suitable battery backup system and store solar energy to power your home at any time of the day.

Government Initiatives

Both the local well as state governments have invested in solar projects. As a result, you will get a subsidy of over 40% on the capital costs of Solar PV Systems for units in both rural as well as urban India.

Solar energy is the future, it is not only environmentally friendly, but it also helps in reducing energy bills. It is the need of an hour, and popular brands like Luminous, India provide offer the best solar panels for home and commercial use. From guiding which panel is right for you to its installation in your home, Luminous will lend you a helping hand and ensure a smooth installation & functioning of your solar units.

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