Reason for You to Have a Reseller Hosting Plan

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Consider a scenario of renting a house or an apartment; reseller hosting is like sub-renting the house to a temporary resident or a tourist. Reseller hosting is a hosting where a company, usually small, purchases hosting resources from a provider selling web hosting and resells them to its own customers. This is one of the most profitable extensions that web developers can have in their business.

Reseller Hosting

Here are a few reasons why they need to build the best reseller hosting business they can profit from.

What is Reseller Hosting, and How Does it Work?

Starting a reseller hosting business begins with researching the market demands and making a plan to deliver the same. Then, the web host or the reseller host chooses a hosting company to rent resources and server space and select a suitable reseller hosting plan. The owners usually go for a cheap reseller hosting plan to get customers and establish themselves in the market. They go on to brand all the hosting server space by creating a website, setting prices, and selling web hosting as one of their services.

With this set-up, the reseller becomes a small hosting company themselves. But instead of investing in servers, employers, hardware maintenance, and replacement, the hosting reseller buys the plan from a company and rents it forward. The customers will never know the original hosting provider and the web reseller becomes the hosting company they contact.

Reasons for You to Have a Reseller Hosting Plan.

1. The reseller host becomes the first point of contact.

For many non-tech businesses and start-ups like bakeries and artists who want websites, a web developer or a host is the first point of contact to go online. Usually, web developers develop and design a website and then pass it along to the hosting company. If they have a reseller hosting plan, then they can profit from the same with every project. Providing the best unlimited reseller hosting becomes an extension of the web development business.

2. The reseller does not have to be a hosting expert.

One of the selling points of owning a reseller hosting business is the ease of setting up the plan. The reseller host does not have to be an expert in server management to start the best reseller hosting business as they don’t own the servers. The host is just buying server space and reselling it to the customers for their use.

3. Smooth management with WHMCS and cPanel.

All the best reseller hosting plans from a trustworthy company come with WHMCS and cPanel, two of the most impressive applications. Web hosting works a lot easier with these applications. WHMCS is a Reseller Hosting dashboard that allows the owner to control everything from automatic billing and sending reminders from their account. For the users who are new to web hosting, the Graphic User Interface or the GUI is very easy-to-use. cPanel helps the customers to set up and maintain their websites at ease. You can stay on top of the market by providing the best reseller hosting with WHMCS.

4. There is a ready pool of customers.

A successful web developer who turned into a web reseller host already has a pool of customers who need server spaces. What’s more, due to the web development business alongside hosting, there are more creative and effective ways to obtain more customers. There isn’t much to invest in advertising for reseller hosting, making it beneficial and adding more to the revenue.

5. Good number of profits earnt.

Reseller hosting brings in good money, and the income is recurring as many website owners hold it for many years for their own businesses. Throughout the time that they use the server space from the reseller host, they would be paying for it. So, owning a reseller hosting can not only make it a profitable secondary income, but it has the potential to be a dependable primary source of income.

6. Minimal initial investment.

The only investment that a person needs to make to start a Reseller Hosting is to buy the best reseller hosting plan. As the business grows, they can set up a team to provide seamless customer service through a chat-box or phone calls. It is recommended to buy a reasonable reseller hosting plan and allow the business to grow slowly and steadily to ensure maximum profit.

Reseller Hosting Plan is a great way for web developers to gain profits as it allows them to provide a one-stop solution for their customers.

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